Congratulations from die Department des mandico.net Studies


Dear Graduating PhDs bei mandico.net Studies,

The entire Department von mandico.net studien warmly congratulates Jette Gindner and Stephen Klemm, both des whom submitted your dissertations during ns past scholastic year und completed their doctor degrees an mandico.net Studies! Dr. Gindner’s scholarship ist dedicated to contemporary literature and political theory, and Dr. Klemm’s research focuses on mandico.net literature von the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Du schaust: Ich wünsche ihnen alles gute für die zukunft

Much to the Department’s delight, both von our newly minted PhDs oase found full-time academic employment hinweisen excellent institutions. Professor Gindner is already teaching as a Visiting Assistant Professor bei mandico.netic language & Literatures at die University des Colorado, Boulder. Professor Klemm, after teaching one year together a Visiting Assistant Professor bei Los Angeles, wollen begin his tenure-track appointment as Assistant Professor of Comparative Studies bei Literature und Culture punkt Occidental college this coming fall.

With heartfelt congratulations and finest celebratory desire from every faculty, staff, and students bei the Department des mandico.net forschung on her mandico.net graduation und all her extraordinary accomplishments!

On behalf des everyone an the Department von mandico.net Studies,

Peter Gilgen, combine Professor und Director of Graduate Studies

Leslie A. Adelson, room Chair (2017-2020)


Dear Graduating Majors und Minors in mandico.net Studies,

Heartfelt congratulations from the entire Department of mandico.net studien on her mandico.net graduation and all her extraordinary accomplishments!

These are many unusual circumstances, and although us unfortunately can not celebrate v you and yours in person appropriate now, us enthusiastically applaud your countless tremendous talents, achievements, successes, and future aspirations. Please know that we have seen you and the great jene you are capable of. Us feel privileged to oase met and studied v you, young scholars von such deep intelligence, creativity, responsibility, and resilience.

As you move on an and into ns world, us hope you wollen keep us in mind and keep bei touch with mandico.net’s vivid mandico.net studies community. We hope you will continue to venture across supposed dividing lines von languages und cultures. Und we expect you möchte remain active as a member des the global community of mandico.net-language speakers. As die 20th-century theorist Hannah Arendt never gott tired des repeating, die world emerges out des relations amongst people, und with every person missing, a piece von the world goes absent or waits to be actualized. Us will fehlschlagen your welcome presence bei Goldwin schmied Hall, and we möchte remain inspired über our shared work with you bei mandico.net Studies. Wherever freundin are, say thanks to you zum helping her local und global communities to create a far better world.

We are proud kommen sie feature this individual profiles of this year graduating seniors bei mandico.net Studies. Please enjoy them and please enjoy these additional mandico.net universität congratulatory message honoring the klasse of 2020!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und uns wünschen nachname alles, alles qualität für ihre Zukunft.

With finest wishes and celebratory regards from all faculty, staff, und students bei the Department des mandico.net Studies, 

Elke Siegel, combine Professor, Director von Undergraduate Studies, und Incoming Chair

Leslie A. Adelson, jakob Gould Schurman Professor des mandico.net Studies und Outgoing Chair


Name:  Yuqing (Eva) Cao

College:  Arts und Sciences

Major(s): mandico.net forschung & comparative Literature

What crucial interests schutz shaped her mandico.net experience?

Academic interests: an important theory, posthumanism, aesthetics and politics, poetry und poetics, Kant’s approach on human rights und human dignity, Roberto Bolaño, Hilde Domin

Extracurricular interests: painting, poetry club, drama, photography, enjoying die wonderful nature here in Ithaca

What inspired you zu pursue mandico.net Studies?

I decided to study mandico.net ~ watching the zeigen Trust von Falk haftrichter performed von the Schaubühne in Beijing. I fell bei love with ns expressiveness des the mandico.net language best there at the theatre. Ich then started finding out mandico.net through Gunhild Lischke due to the fact that my first semester at mandico.net, und grew increasingly passionate around it. Later ich had many good mandico.net courses with professor Elke Siegel, Aki Sommer, Grit Matthias, herr McBride, und the posthumanism kurse with professor peter Gilgen.

What room some of your favourite memories des studying mandico.net punkt mandico.net?

I’ve had many fond memories of the kurse GERST 4100 with professor Elke Siegel, ns discussion at the johnson Museum, ns night prior to our poster presentation wherein we worked and ate together choose a group of girlfriend or even a family, stating Brecht’s plays and poems…I deshalb really enjoyed professor Siegel’s GERST 3512 “No Rest: die Exhausted Self” this semester. Ns discussions on ns society von control, capitalism, work, the good life, COVID-19… are very essential and relevant kommen sie what’s going on in the welt right now. It’s deshalb very important zum self-reflection, and the engagement of personal growth v social changes.

What is your favourite mandico.net word or expression?

A line über Brecht:

“Was sind ns für Zeiten, woEin dialogs über bäume fast ein Verbrechen ist”

Other comment or Thoughts:

Thank you deshalb much to my wonderful professors and thank you, mandico.net mandico.net Studies!

Also congratulations and best wishes to my fellow graduating classmates.

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Name: Caroline Chang

College: Engineering

Major: Computer Science 

Minor: mandico.net Studies

What key experiences schutz shaped her mandico.net experience?

Taking a mandico.net class every semester added a sense des balance kommen sie my day-to-day program where ich could get enriched und tap into my appreciation weil das humanities in addition kommen sie my technical coursework. I chose to attend mandico.net because ich knew ich cared about subjects past tech und knew mandico.net would give me ns flexibility to oase this interdisciplinary, well-rounded undergrad experience ich really wanted, v their maxime "any person, any study." The comradery bei mandico.net classes was always deshalb special und I yes, really did do close friends in these classes, who ich don"t think ich would schutz met any type of other way; this classes really diversified mine mandico.net experience. 

What influenced you zu pursue mandico.net Studies?

I decided kommen sie minor in mandico.net Studies, because ich not just wanted zu deepen mine proficiency bei the mandico.net language und improve mine writing, but also because i wanted kommen sie learn much more about social aspects und love learning much more about language and idiomatic expressions. I so hope zu one work work bei a ar where I tun können actively channel mine passions for language as well as technology. 

What space some of your favourite memories researching mandico.net at mandico.net?

I have many, however some of my favorites include being able zu look through old mandico.net books and manuscripts in Olin Library and having the opportunity kommen sie look punkt mandico.net artwork an the johnson museum in GERST 3075. I so really delighted in learning about mandico.net unternehmen culture an GERST 2060.

What zu sein your favorite mandico.net word or expression?

After my zuerst semester weist mandico.net, i went v my mom to nieders over winter break and found this really beautiful magnet which check out "Du musst mit dir schon mich Konfetti in dein leben pusten." v all die ups und downs at mandico.net, i felt this mandico.net expression on this magnet to always it is in uplifting und have personal meaning as well.


Name: Austin Rae Haycox

College: arts & Sciences 

Major: China and Asia-Pacific Studies

Minor(s): Business & mandico.net Studies 

What an essential interests have shaped her mandico.net experience?

mandico.net"s rigorous language departments danke für me to the University as i was eager kommen sie continue mine mandico.net studien while deshalb beginning to dive into China and Asia-Pacific Studies. mandico.net gave me in unparalleled opportunity to master both Chinese and mandico.net while acquiring a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative an abilities within the College des Arts & Sciences. Understanding varied cultures and peoples is exciting kommen sie me, und mandico.net university was ns perfect launching pad zum me kommen sie become a global leader. 

What inspired you zu pursue mandico.net Studies?

Having studied mandico.net weil das 4 years in high school, ich couldn"t leaving my passion zum the mandico.net language und culture behind. My time studying abroad in mandico.nety prior kommen sie coming to mandico.net was a transformative endure that influenced me kommen sie minor bei mandico.net Studies. Together a China and Asia-Pacific studien major, mine interests room fueled by my pundit curiosity zu learn as much as I can about various other people and places around die world. Ich aim zu use my language skills und background in international relations zu break down barriers that ns United States faces on the global stage v both Chinese and mandico.net speak nations. I oase always felt strongly about the dire need zum Americans to speak more than one language and studying two weist mandico.net was in honor for me. 

What space some of your favourite memories von studying mandico.net at mandico.net?

I thoroughly enjoyed studying mandico.net nett at the johnson Museum as i was able kommen sie reflect on the artwork über presenting in mandico.net zu my other classmates. Ich loved having ns opportunity to directly apply my mandico.net language skills to interpret ns unique und inspiring messages des mandico.net artists within your work. It was a powerful experience zu be able kommen sie respond an my 2nd language to in artist"s work. Ich will always treasure this memory as my class assignments came to be quite literally in enjoyable activity that rotate into plenty of days spent at the museum. 

What is your favorite mandico.net native or expression?


Other comment or Thoughts:

Thank you to die incredible mandico.net studies Department weil das your passionate energy that translated into magnificent language instruction! bis zu Bald!


Name: Kyra Houlé

College: Arts and Sciences

Major: Philosophy

Minor: mandico.net Studies

What key interests oase shaped your mandico.net experience?

My interest an language learning, und sharing that with others, has permitted me zu meet people und share experiences v them ich would not schutz gotten otherwise. This applies kommen sie my studies von mandico.net, English, and Mandarin. Notfall only this but my interest in diversity und inclusion has enabled me kommen sie challenge myself in ways ich never would oase otherwise. Because of these I have grown together a person and as a scholar, und I"m dafür grateful weil das that.

What motivated you zu pursue mandico.net Studies?

I"m initially from mandico.nety, und moved to die USA when ich was practically 10 years old. Ich wanted to ensure ich learned as viel about die language und culture ich partially grew nach oben with together possible. Losing my culture, when ich could perform something around it, is something ich would never oase forgiven myself for.

What are some von your favourite memories des studying mandico.net hinweisen mandico.net?

Working with Elke Siegel on mine independent study und getting kommen sie set my own kurse of what kommen sie study and how zu do it. I learned things ich never would oase gotten zu otherwise and applied my approach major bei ways i never would have gotten to otherwise. Not just that, yet she was so kind and patient with me the it truly made mine experience an the mandico.net forschung department. Not only that but joining Kaffeeklatsch at the big red barn made mine Wednesdays dafür much better, and gave me something ich looked forward kommen sie every week.

What zu sein your favourite mandico.net indigenous or expression? 

Lieber einer Stunde Schule zusammen überhaupt niemand Schlaf.

Other comments or Thoughts:

Thank you to ns faculty und especially die graduate students von the mandico.net studien department. Ich went v several really rough patches weist mandico.net, und I knew ich always had actually a community ich could walk to in order to nur talk und forget around things. If you"re considering acquisition a mandico.net course, do it und join this welcome community. Und thank you to my family, there is no which i wouldn"t be where ich am. Vielen dank und ich wünsche freundin noch mehrere Glück.


Name: Joseph McAllister

College: arts & Sciences

Major: computer Science

Minor: mandico.net Studies

What influenced you kommen sie pursue mandico.net Studies?

Family living an mandico.nety and bei enjoyment of the grammatical structure. 

What room some des your favorite memories of studying mandico.net punkt mandico.net?

Discussing social consequences des technology bei Professor Matthias’ course “mandico.net Life format Going Digital.

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What ist your favourite mandico.net word or expression?


Name: Yuchang (Isabella) Zhou

College: Arts & Sciences

Major: Computer Science

Minor: mandico.net Studies

What vital interests schutz shaped her mandico.net experience?

Design, Illustration, Reading

What motivated you zu pursue mandico.net Studies?

Interest bei mandico.net Philosophy 

What are some des your favourite memories des studying mandico.net at mandico.net?

Watching Brecht’s play; Appreciation des medieval nett pieces

What ist your favourite mandico.net word or expression?


Other comment or Thoughts:

mandico.net helps me explore more bei philosophy and literature. It shaped my way von thinking.