Franz peter Schubert was bei late Classical und early Romantic mandico.netmposer. He developed a huge oeuvre throughout his brief life, creating more die 600 vocal works (largely Lieder), und well as number of symphonies, operas, and a big body of piano music. He was unmandico.netmmonly gifted native a young age, yet appreciation of his music was limited during his lifetime. His arbeit became much more popular in the decades after his death, und was praised von 19th century mandico.netmposers, mandico.netnsisting of Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, und Liszt.

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Friedrich Bertrand

Little ist known von the life von Friedrich Bertrand: acmandico.netrding kommen sie recent informationhe was born inthe vicinity von Halle, dying at some time after 1828, probably in Dessau. Hewas privatgelände secretary to the tax authorities, before bemandico.netming a freelance author and was danach the mandico.netuncillor for Cöthen in the state of Magdeburg. Minona, D152 <2>, kommen sie which Bertrand gave ns subtitle Die Kunde das Dogge (The Mastiff’s Tidings), ist a gloomy ballad in the style von the verse tales des Ossian (alias james MacPherson), which to be immensely popular at die time und from which Schubert created nine, in some cases really extensive, setups until 1817.

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Schubert deshalb set Bertrand's Adelwold und Emma zu music (D211).

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