How many civilization live an Germany? Which locations are densely populated? What are German human being like?

This seite about the population of Germany reveals part statistics, but so facts about the taste metropolitan areas, and secrets about my fellow German people.

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Facts about die German population

Approximately 82,5 million human being live in Germany (30.09.2016). It is the most lived in country bei Europe, und the 14th in the world.Approximately 9 Million (11%) German citizen have an immigrant background. The largest kopieren, gruppe of country Germans originates from Russia und other countries of the previous Soviet Union. Germany has the third-largest Jewish population an Europe, many of them deshalb came from former Soviet republics.


About 10 Million (12%) foreigners live in Germany, ns Turkish people are through 1,5 million by far die largest community, followed von Serbs, Italian, Polish and Greek.

In ns early 1960s west Germany"s economy grew significantly. early out to ns resulting shortage des workers in the industry, "guest workers" (Gastarbeiter) from the Turkey, Yugoslavia, Italy und Spain were permitted to kommen sie to Germany. This guest workers were considered kommen sie stay und work zum a few years, und then return to their country of origin. Some did, others stayed here, and had their family members followed.East Germany so had a guest worker regimen with world mainly coming from east European countries, Asia und Africa.In the past decades, the German populaton has actually been decreasing, und getting older. Politics parties have been pointing out that in immigration program zu sein needed to invite expert workers und scientists kommen sie Germany.

In 2016 about 1,6 Million world searching zum protection (refugees and asylum seekers) to be registered an Germany. That takes time zu handle dafür many applications. Time möchte tell how plenty of applicants obtain refugee status, exactly how many möchte move on zu other countries or have to return to their original country.Although there has been tremendous aid from volunteers, local clubs und social charities, it wollen take time and a gewächs of effort to integrate deswegen many people.Numbers of new arrivals an Germany have slowed down in 2016 and 2017, however not dafür much on ns European borders in Italy and Greece. There is a gewächs of conflict, notfall only an Germany, but in many European countries as well, wie man it comes zu find agreements on how to distribute refugees across Europe.

The population of Germany has changed and has become an ext diverse since ns 1960s, and this will continue. Basically, notfall a badewanne thing, an my opinion. Getting to know different cultures broaden one"s mind. Furthermore, citizens von the European union have die right kommen sie live und work in any nation within die EU, deswegen the internationalisation of the population of Germany could increase in the future.

Population of Germany - population Density

The median number ist 230 people von km2 zum the whole country. However, together you can see on die map, population density varies substantially from ost to west.There has always been bei east-to-west motion since die 19th century. Weist first, world from Prussia and Silesia (German territories weist that time) go to the Rhine-Ruhr area to work bei the steel mills. Then, after ~ WWII, Germans fled from this eastern regions (which then ended up being part von Poland und Russia) kommen sie Germany. The east to west wandern continued till 1961, wie the berlin Wall was built, und the last possibility zu escape from eastern Germany was closed. After ns wall fell bei 1989, many human being from the east moved westwards, mostly zum economic reasons.Also, within East und West Germany citizens moved from rural locations to ns cities. The map listed below gives sie a good overview where human being live. Inspect out ns German States buchseite to see how many human being live bei each state.

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Germany has actually only 4 cities with a population of much more than one million, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. But there space 11 Metropolitan locations which are die most densely populated regions.The biggest, and economically most important regions are: Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan regionen with Cologne as die largest stadt Frankfurt und the Rhine-Main bereich Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan bereichen Munich Metropolitan bereich Hamburg metropolitan RegionRoughly 32 Million human being live an these 5 city areas. Although it has only approximately 650,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt
ist Germany"s most international city. After all, frankfurt is die economic and financial centre des Germany, und home des the europe Central bank Headquarter. For this reason Frankfurt"s nick name: Bankfurt!See my buchseite about frankfurt attractions zu read much more about this prospering city.

Cliches & Stereotypes around German People

In ns age of globalisation, ich wonder how numerous people in Europe und around the world believe that ns typical stereotypes about Germans room true? Fact is that Germans are not the homogeneous society you can think the is. Countless Germans identify themselves v the state they live in, und there are countless differences bei culture. Zum example, countless Bavarians space proud Bavarians fairly than proud Germans.


Certainly, a couple of clichés bear part truth. However, kann sein the renowned stereotypes blieb be applied to more than 80 million people? Let"s have a closer look! What do civilization think is typical German? "Germans always wear Lederhosen" - That"s notfall even true zum Bavaria, die home des the Lederhosen. Lederhosen und Dirndl room a timeless dress (Tracht) von Bavaria. Various other states oase their tradional dresses as well. German civilization wear these tracht at regional festivals und events, sometimes. Yet usually not in everyday life. "Germans are always punctual, hard-working und don"t oase humour" - That was probably true an the 1950s and 60s. But die world has changed, und so oase the Germans. Ich don"t recognize if there zu sein such a thing like common German humour. But rest assured, we schutz a sense of humour! und we laugh a lot. We Germans love Dinner zum One, a brothers comedy sketch. It zu sein the many repeated TV program an Germany, it is broadcasted on neu Years Eve von several TV stations. Dafür we must oase humour :). Punctuality ist not a negative attribute, as lang as one doesn"t obtain mad hinweisen people who room a few minutes late. "Germans space unfriendly and impolite" - There zu sein a degree des truth an this. Sometimes ich think that as well, specifically when i return indigenous a holiday bei a international country. Obviously, Germans oase never learned kommen sie be patient standing bei a queue, and to wait until human being get out des the bus, before they run in. Another situation when German civilization might show up unfriendly zu sein when they are asked for help native a foreigner in English, or any kind of other language. Back English zu sein taught hinweisen school, many human being hesitate to speak English because they are notfall fluent an English. Particularly older people don"t schutz good English skills.

I could add a few other points around what ich don"t like around my other Germans. However, would certainly this be representative? On the positive side, visitors room offered great hospitality. German people won"t smile all day. However, if castle treat sie friendly, you kann be certain they average it.

I received ns following message über Graham native Norwich in England, he slightly disagreed with above statements.
Hi Rita,I really prefer all the die info you administer on your website & newsletters. I deshalb like visiting Germany. Us tend kommen sie get far from the "beaten track" & i try mine best to speak as much (admittedly bad) German as ich can. I would like kommen sie report that, contradictory to die stereo-type sie identify as Germans being impolite without a sense von humour, I"ve uncovered completely the opposite! basically everyone is polite helpful und clearly enjoys having a good hearty laugh! You"re welcome to report the on her site!Kind regards, Graham.

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Please note: Statistics about the population might notfall be up-to-date, although i try kommen sie update stats every so often.