Heidi Klum'S Daughter Leni Is The Mirror Image Of Her Mom

It’s a first—for the January issue of mandico.net Germany, photographer Chris Colls not only shot superModel Heidi Klum, but also her eldest daughter, Leni Klum. Their joint cover marks Leni’s official entry into lớn the modeling world as well as inkhổng lồ public life.

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The privacy of her family is important khổng lồ Heidi. Paparazzi photos of Leni or her siblings Johan, Henry và Lou were always pixelated for their protection. But now, at 16, Leni has her mother’s blessing for her debut. “Sixteen is a good age,” says Heidi. “If you are allowed to drive a car, you can also have sầu an official Instagram account và show your face. And lớn be allowed khổng lồ start with a mandico.net cover is an insane privilege.”

As a result, she will join the ranks of other top models whose children are conquering the catwalk, including Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber, Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp, Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger, and Kate Moss and Lila Grace Moss.

During the photoshoot và interview with mandico.net contributor Esma Annetháng Dil in Los Angeles and the subsequent video shoot in Berlin, we got khổng lồ know the energetic Klum duo even better. Here, we outline our 11 biggest takeaways from meeting one of the most exciting new models of 2021.

1. Leni thinks Heidi is “uncool”

When asked by her mother if she thinks she’s cool or not, Leni says no. “Sometimes the way that you act is very cringey. Like, some dances you vày.” But she adds, “You’re cool when you’re confident, which is a lot of the time. And fun. But some of your dances are very uncool.”

2. Leni always wanted khổng lồ be a model

“It was only a matter of time before I would try khổng lồ become a Model myself. The first offer came when I was only 12 or 13, from a br& I liked khổng lồ wear: Brandy Melville. At that time I begged my mother, but no chance. Now I understvà that it would have sầu been too early.”

3. Leni can match Heidi’s energy

“That’s what’s great about being a Mã Sản Phẩm. With most other jobs, I would have sầu lớn suppress my crazy nature khổng lồ make a ‘professional’ impression. As a mã sản phẩm, I can let everything out and just be who I am. The job is the perfect outlet for all the energy I carry inside me.”

4. Leni had a part in Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz’s proposal lớn Heidi

“He asked all of us children for permission. We brought them breakfast in bed at Christmas, he took the ring, và then we all got really nervous when Mama hesitated for a moment.” (Heidi says she did this to make it more exciting.)


Heidi Klum & daughter Leni Klum photographed for mandico.net Germany by Chris CollsChris Colls / mandico.net Germany5. Leni has a friendship tattoo lớn match her stepfather…

…và his brother Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel’s lead singer. It’s three little dots on the inside of their fingers.

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6. She also wanted khổng lồ have a matching tattoo with her boyfriend—in her mouth

However, Heidi refused lớn allow that.

7. Leni knows her current classmates only via Zoom

“I changed schools during lockdown. That was planned beforehvà & then it fell on this stupid date. That means I only know my new school friends through Zoom.”

8. Her style is minimalist

In her interview with mandico.net Germany, Leni reveals that she wears “streetwear . Dickies, Wrangler or no-brand basics”. Her clomix is pretty empty & only has a few T-shirts, trousers & jackets, as she often has clear outs & either gives pieces khổng lồ her sister or sells them on Depop. The only thing she’s attached to lớn are the field-hockey sweatpants she stole from her boyfriend. “My younger siblings love sầu high fashion with logos — Supreme, Off-White, A Bathing Ape. I am less interested in those brands,” she says.

9. Leni is scared of spiders, bees và having blood taken

“Needles & shots,” she explains. Heidi, on the other hand, is scared of Leni’s driving và the idea that she will move out one day.

10. The Klums bởi not have sầu secrets from each other

Asked if there was anything that Leni always wanted to ask Heidi, the answer was no. “I feel like we’re besties & I tell her everything.”

11. Her name is not what you think it is

Contrary lớn the internet’s shared opinion, Leni’s real name is not Helene Boshoven Samuel, but Leni Olumày Klum. Heidi has no idea where people got that information from.

Photography Chris Colls / mandico.net GermanyStyling Christiane ArpHair Wendy IlesMakeup Linda Hay