Are freundin a potter head? You’ve read die books und watched die movies a million times, but freundin want more. Ich don’t reprimand you, I’d swap muggle life zum the miracle world of Hogwarts any day, dafür would my sich kümmern Potter-crazy child. But what tun können we do to get ourselves further inside ns incredible world created by JK Rowling? There room a few places roughly the globus where we kann all get more harry Potter experiences, hop on her broomstick und let’s go schutz some fun! There zu sein no “Harry potter World” as such, however England und the vereinigte staaten von amerika have harry Potter attractions und theme parks zu explore.

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1. Die Best harry Potter Attractions an international
2. The harry Potter Warner brothers Studio außerhalb des spiels
3. Universal Studios Orlando
4. Universal Studios japan
5. Sich kümmern Potter Movie Locations bus Tour
6. Harry Potter Walking außerhalb des spiels
7. Sich kümmern Potter Themed hotel Rooms
8. Hogwarts Express
9. Platform 9 3/4
10. Harry Potter : the Exhibition

The Best harry Potter Attractions Worldwide

The harry Potter Warner brothers Studio Tour

Location: Watford, close to London, UK.


This is “Harry töpfer World” in England. Although ns whole country ist dotted with filming locations and places of interest to harry Potter fans, this zu sein the big harry Potter attraction in the UK. It’s notfall really a layout park, more a collection von sets, props und items native the sich kümmern Potter movies.

Do you want to walk down Diagon Alley, rise aboard ns Night Bus and take a lesson an wand technique? Then you need zu visit Warner Bros Studios weil das the sich kümmern Potter Experience. We’ve been, it was off-the-scale-fabulous und is something that möchte stay with ns kids and I, always. The link will take you zu our post, we oase loads des great photos.

You kann get to the studios in your own automobile or hop ~ above a bus tour from central London.

Universal Studios Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida

The Wizarding world of sich kümmern Potter at Universal Studios Orlando zu sein now punkt two distinct sites. Universal’s Islands des Adventure has actually Hogsmeade und Hogwart’s Castle, while universal Studios florida hosts Diagon Alley. You kann now catch die Hogwart’s express to transport you bolzen the two design template parks in true magician style. Kommen sie visit both attractions on ns same day sie need a park to park ticket or in annual pass.

You can investigateUniversal studios tickets zum the totality familyhere.

Universal Studios Japan

Location: near Osaka, Japan

The Hogsmeade experience tun können be found in Japan too, ride die Hyppogriff, visit Hogart’s Caste und dine at ns Three Broomsticks Tavern.

Harry potter Movie Locations bus Tour

Location: main London, pick nach oben Temple pipe Station.


The boys und I oase taken this tour and it was great, loaded with trivia und behind-the-scenes die info about the movies and the stadt we love. You tun können find our post about this comfortable and informative bus tour here.

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Harry töpfer Walking Tour

Location: central London

There space plenty of options zum visiting areas from the movies on foot. This webseite gives freundin dates, times and routes.

Harry potter Themed hotel Rooms

Location: Victoria, main London.


The Georgian House hotel has freshly opened its Wizarding Chambers, themed sich kümmern Potter rooms indigenous which kommen sie take a day tour kommen sie Warner Bros studios. What might be an ext magical? You kann sein check rates and book ns Georgian House hotel here.

Photo credit, with thanks Georgian residence Hotel, see link above. Georgian House hotel is not part von the official Warner Bros tour.

Hogwarts Express

Location: Scotland


Glenfinnan viaduct zu sein where you’ll find the stunning see young wizards gain from die HogwartsExpress. It’s also possible kommen sie take a vapor train drive over ns viaduct on ns famous Jacobite.Glencoe so gives you a great vantage point zum Potteresque scenery.

Photo Credit, Andrew and Amy of Our large Fat take trip Adventure that rode the Hogwarts Express und share their suffer on their blog.

Platform 9 3/4

Location: majesties Cross Station, central London

This is the just place, of all the harry Potter experience around the world, to buy 9 3/4 branded merchandise.

This is the just place in the welt where you tun können buy official 9 3/4 branded merchandise und have your picture taken running through die station wall kommen sie catch your Hogwarts-bound train. It’s completely free kommen sie visit and take your very own photo, or you kann buy a professionally take away image zum under $20. You kann sein find the end more über clicking through zu our post Platform 9 3/4 funny or tourist Trap.

Harry töpfer : die Exhibition

Location: Somewhere an the world.

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This touring exhibition zu sein doing die rounds von the globe. At the time of writing it’s in Germany, zum more die info check ns exhibition website.