Alternate titles: hans Adam, Fürst von Liechtenstein, johannes Adam Pius Ferdinand Alois josef Maria Marko d’Aviano von und zu Liechtenstein
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Hans Adam II, prince des Liechtenstein, German Hans Adam, Fürst über Liechtenstein, an full Johannes Adam Pius Ferdinand Alois josef Maria Marko d’Aviano von und kommen sie Liechtenstein, (born February 14, 1945, Zürich, Switzerland), member des the ruling family von Liechtenstein that became prince (head des state) an 1989.

Hans Adam, the eldest son des Prince Francis joseph II, invested his early on youth bei the castle des Vaduz with his brothers and his sister however he and his brothers were notfall isolated from the everyday life of the principality’s citizens. He attended primary school in the town, and, as a young Scout, he took part in camping und other activities. He got his secondary education at die Schottengymnasium (“Scottish Academy”) bei Vienna and in Zuoz, Switzerland. After ~ a briefe period together a trainee bei a london bank, an the fall of 1965 that entered ns University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, indigenous which that graduated an 1969.

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As crown prince, hans Adam take it a keen interest in the principality’s economic and financial breakthrough and in its connections with various other nations. He was head of the Prince of Liechtenstein foundation from 1970 kommen sie 1984. Bei 1972 his dad entrusted er with the management von the princely estate, a job he performed v success. In a ceremony in Vaduz on august 26, 1984, his dad handed over the greater part des his executive government to hans Adam. The lieferung of the duties had actually been announced the previous July by the monarch, whose reign had begun on July 25, 1938; he had ruled much longer than any other living monarch except Emperor Hirohito of Japan. After ns death von his father bei 1989, hans Adam became Prince hans Adam II.

Although hans Adam had previously expressed his for sure belief in European unity, the announced in 1991 that Liechtenstein, which had actually maintained a long zoll of political and economic independence, would notfall seek membership in the european Union, despite it go join the United countries (1990), the European complimentary Trade association (1991), die European financial Area (1995), and the world Trade organization (1995). Under hans Adam, Liechtenstein enjoyed a continuation des the prosperity fostered von Francis Joseph.

The prince’s connections with Liechtenstein’s kongress (parliament) were frequently tense. Hans Adam consistently threatened kommen sie move zu Austria if the was not given broader powers, which ultimately were approved bei a referendum bei 2003. In 2004 that turned over day-to-day governing stärke to his oldest son, Crown prince Alois.

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