5 years ago, ns router world was dominated über names favor Netgear, Asus, TP-Link, und Linksys. Google wasn’t in the conversation, und it didn’t have a router available zum purchase (or also a ja wirklich hardware division, zum that matter).

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Fast-forward kommen sie 2019, und Google lays insurance claim to ns top-selling router, thanks to the popularity von its google Wifi mesh system, which the introduced in 2016. That even an ext popular 보다 Eero, which erste popularized the idea des a mesh router for better Wi-Fi coverage an a home.

Now, google is launching that follow-up: die more powerful and more qualified Nest Wifi system. The Nest Wifi, which ist available bei a variety of configurations starting punkt $169, guarantees 25 percent far better coverage und up kommen sie twice ns speed von the google Wifi system. In addition, die Nest Wifi’s Points, or secondary units that you place about your home to create a mesh system, dual as colony Mini voice-activated smart speakers.

I’ve been testing the $269 kit, i beg your pardon includes ns router and a einzel mesh Point, an my around 2,000-square-foot, split-level home. Google says this package provides as viel coverage as ns three-pack von the google Wifi, und it’s good weil das homes up zu 3,800 square feet and up zu 200 connected devices. A $349 option provides a second Point and can startseite up kommen sie 5,400 square feet and up kommen sie 300 devices.

The colony Wifi ist designed kommen sie be put out in the open zum the finest performance. die Nest Wifi consistently provided faster speeds zu my tools than the google Wifi und similar speeds kommen sie what i get from ns Eero Pro und Netgear Orbi, noted my tools were associated to die primary router and not ns Point. When connected to ns Point, speeds to be cut bei half, most likely due to the Point’s less qualified antennas und the lack von a devoted backhaul channel zum the router to communicate to die Point, like ns Eero Pro und Orbi system have. Due to the fact that my internet service offers gigabit speeds, I ausblüten had end 100 megabits of bandwidth for both upload und downloads obtainable no matte where i went in my home, but that’s a much cry from the roughly 900 megabits the gets piped right into my house. Die average house broadband speed in the US is just under 100 megabits, deshalb most people möchte be able to take full advantage des their ISP’s leistungen with ns Nest Wifi.

In addition to weaker radios, the Point lacks any type of Ethernet jacks, deshalb you can’t usage Ethernet backhaul to connect that to die router or plug gadgets directly into the Point whereby it’s placed.

But where the Point lacks an Wi-Fi capabilities, the makes hoch for über the truth that pulls twin duty together a voice-activated smart speaker. Essentially, it’s a swarm Mini speaker mashed into bei original google Wifi puck. It sounds very similar to die Nest Mini, which no a bad thing, und there’s a glowing runden at the base that illuminates white wie man you speak zu it and orange when the mic zu sein muted. It even has the same touch controls as die Nest Mini zum adjusting volume or pausing playback. Google intends ns Point to be placed out bei the open, i beg your pardon provides the best wireless und smart speak performance, so it draft it kommen sie look nicer than die typical router. It also comes an three colors — white, pale blue, or pale pink — while the hauptsächlich router zu sein only available in white.

The Point ist available in three colors and doubles together a voice-activated smart speaker. die Point supports all von the very same voice controls for the google Assistant as the Nest Mini, however it also adds a couple of router-specific voice commands, such as running speed tests or pausing connections to groups von devices managed in the google Home app. If you schutz a colony Hub or Hub Max, you can so run speed testen from over there or display the credentials kommen sie a guest network.

If you don’t need yet another smart speaker in your house or freundin prefer Amazon’s Echo, google is offering a two-pack of the router the doesn’t have any Points zum $299. This deshalb gives freundin slightly better coverage than a router and a Point und provides Ethernet jacks in both places you place ns nodes v support zum wired backhaul.

Agree zu Continue: google Nest Wifi

Every clever device now requires you to agree to a series des terms und conditions prior to you kann use the — contracts that no one actually reads. That impossible for us zu read and analyze every einzel one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly exactly how many times you have to struggle “agree” to use devices when we evaluation them due to the fact that these space agreements most human being don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

The nest Wifi calls for a google Account, which has its very own terms of service und privacy policy. In addition, die Nest Wifi’s cloud services wollen collect various die info about your home network and devices und surrounding Wi-Fi networks. Google so collects stats based on your usage and devices, also as info on exactly how the google Home und Google Wifi apps room used. These wolke services and stat collections can be opted out of.

If freundin use the google Assistant’s Voice complement feature, the Nest Wifi möchte create a “voice model” based upon clips of your voice that it uses kommen sie identify you. This voice model is stored locally on die device however may be “temporarily sent zu Google” when identifying you.

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Final tally: one required agreement und four optional agreements.

As mentioned, ns Nest Wifi doesn’t have a specialized wireless backhaul band, rather relying ~ above a traditional 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band system weil das both connections betwee the router and points and connections to devices. Sanjay Noronha, connectivity product lead at google Nest, says the company decided on this approach because it can manage traffic efficiently with software, und it doesn’t need to add another level von hardware cost and complexity to die mix. But in my experience, a devoted backhaul band does carry out faster speeds zu devices that space connected to mesh clues farther away from the hauptsächlich router.

Similarly, die Nest Wifi does not support die newly validated Wi-Fi 6 protocol, which ist designed kommen sie provide much more efficient connections zu devices that oase Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. Noronha says supporting Wi-Fi 6 hinweisen this phase would have added a gewächs of cost to the system with few benefits weil das the huge majority von customers since ns vast majority des Wi-Fi devices do notfall support Wi-Fi 6 yet.

Setting up die Nest Wifi requires a google account and the recently updated google Home anwendung for iOS or Android. Die Home app guides you through installing ns router, setting trost a new Wi-Fi network and password, and placing the Point in in optimal location in your home. You kann run speed tests through it, seen how plenty of devices are associated to ns network and prioritize details ones, create a guest network, und schedule Wi-Fi breaks for kids’ gadgets on ns network. It’s also possible to block adult website on any type of device.

But if you want kommen sie access much more advanced features, such as seeing which node a particular device is connected zu or configure port forwarding, you’ll schutz to use the old google Wifi app, which has been updated zu support ns Nest Wifi. Google says it wollen continue kommen sie support both apps until the google Home anwendung has all des the features right now available an the Wifi app.

Like the google Wifi und Eero systems, ns Nest Wifi relies on Google’s wolke services zum features such together automatic channel selection, far network management, identifying associated devices, and providing historical data consumption stats. It’s possible to disable the wolke connectivity in the home app, but google says die Nest Wifi will notfall perform also without them. Ns Nest Wifi deshalb uses Google’s DNS services by default, but the company says it does not associate google Public DNS die info with google Accounts and the DNS provider kann be adjusted through the google Wifi app.

Unlike Eero, ns Nest Wifi doesn’t have a subscription component zum ad blocking, filtering, und other defense features.

There are no obnoxious antennas difficult out von the swarm Wifi. weist $269, die router and Point two-pack is only slightly much more expensive than Eero’s new $249 entry-level three-node system, yet it offers as an excellent or much better coverage and faster speed than ns Eero. It’s deshalb considerably less expensive than an Eero zum system or ns newer Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers indigenous Linksys or Netgear. That makes ns Nest Wifi, choose the google Wifi prior to it, an enticing worth that wollen likely prove zu be very popular. It’s not the fastest mesh router system you can get, und if you have a very fast internet connection bei your house like i do, freundin won’t be able zu access most of your bandwidth through die Nest Wifi, though few other Wi-Fi routers can do much better punkt this point.

So weil das the huge majority des people, the Nest Wifi performs well, looks good, gives some distinct features, und doesn’t expense a fortune. It seems like google has an additional winning router on its hands.

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