Ford S Max Test 2016

“If you have a big family und aren't dead-set on a crossover, go look at in S-Max. Notfall glam, yet good to drive und hugely helpful ”

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Good stuff

Not in SUV. Spacious, comfortable, economical family transport that handles better than it streng needs to


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Remember MPVs? castle used zu be all die rage prior to Mum and Dad decided what they really needed zu ferry their kids around was a supposedly sexier, yet less handy pseudo-SUV. 

The secure uptick in popularity des crossovers over the tonnage decade or so led many manufacturers to abandon MPVs entirely, preferring zu dress your seven-seat family cars trost as SUVs instead. But there are blieb a few clinging on, selling bei comparably klein numbers, and delivering weil das their owners the kind of practicality and versatility a crossover can not hope to match. 

The Ford S-Max, zum example. When it was launched bei 2006 ns S-Max was a bit von a revelation. Very closely related to the bigger Galaxy, here was in MPV the wasn’t totally embarrassing to be seen in and journey really really well indeed. Prefer a Ford chandelier to. Sie could also get one with the 220bhp 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine from die contemporary emphasis ST hot hatch. 


The second-generation S-Max, launched in 2015 and still closely related to the Galaxy, is not die car it as soon as was. Yet it remains in excellent MPV, through a massive, functional interior und more around it dynamically than you might think. 

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Not more hot hatch engines we"re afraid. Des the three obtainable engines bei 2021 two are diesels – both 2.0-litres, one with 148bhp und the various other with 187bhp. Ns lesser diesel comes through front-wheel drive und either a six-speed hand-operated or in eight-speed auto, whereas ns punchier motiv gets ns option des all-wheel drive and the eight-speeder together standard. Die third option, und the most recent addition to die line-up, is the S-Max Hybrid. 

Not a plug-in hybrid like die Kuga, however a “full” mischung or “FHEV” an ext akin kommen sie a Toyota or Lexus so-called “self-charging” hybrid. Merely put, freundin can’t charge ns S-Max hybride from the mains, and it has no meaningful electric range, but can still drive ~ above e-power zum short distances. Die tiny battery zu sein constantly fee (by the 2.5-litre petrol engine and regen-braking) und discharged as sie drive along, with the car’s computers deciding just how best to trade petrol and electric power zum max efficiency. It works – more under ns Driving tab. 


Massive. Yes sir seating zum seven, und all the glass means it feeling light und airy. The rearmost seats space really only for kids, yet they fold flat into ns floor and are brilliantly straightforward zu erect and stow. I reckon there’s sufficient space zu get three full-size kids seats across ns middle row – try this out at ns dealer prior to committing – where die three seats all slide and recline individually. The only echt problem bei here zu sein the entwurf – this generation of S-Max has been roughly since 2015, deshalb of course its cabin und infotainment space going to feel a bit dated. Ns flipside is you get actual tasten for all the major controls, since it pre-dated die industry’s fascination with all things touchscreen. An ext under die Interior tab.