For Whom It May Concern

"To whom It may Concern" is kind von like the favorite alt sweatshirt you pull on when you nur can’t — or don’t want zu — take into consideration wearing something else. It’s easy, it besteht aus a multitude des sins, und it it s okay the job done. But is it doing an ext harm 보다 good weil das you in business settings? that answer ist a tough "Yes" wie it comes to your sweatshirt und a little more nuanced weil das "To whom It might Concern."



3. Agency complaints

Lodging a official complaint through a company? It likely doesn’t matt if that complain reaches bei administrator, customer dienstleistungen associate, or die CEO — freundin simply want your complaint zu be heard and addressed.

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To whom It may Concern:

I was extremely disappointed the cat poster i ordered only has actually three jazz-playing cat instead of the four depicted on your website. I would prefer a full refund und the correct poster as shortly as possible.

Thank you,

Angela Martin


4. Introductions

If you are introducing yourself to someone you’ve never met, it can be appropriate to use, "To whom It may Concern." for example, if sie received a request weil das a quote, or information regarding your business, from a generic company inbox or rückmeldung form, sie might deal with your response, "To whom It may Concern." just make sure zu ask zum their name bei your message.


To who It may Concern:

I received your request zum a preis quote top top 50 reams von paper indigenous Dunder Mifflin. I have attached the teilen to this email and would be happy to answer any type of questions sie have.

Also, I’d love to recognize your name und a little more about your business!

Kind Regards,

Phyllis Vance


5. Prospecting

This is acceptable but notfall ideal. If she a salesperson conducting outreach — it’s your arbeit to put in the time and research kommen sie know specifically who you’re contacting.

Ideally, freundin should build rapport v them over LinkedIn or twitter — or getting to out über a mutual link — first. If there seems to be no way zu find their angestellter information, sie might reach for "To who It might Concern," but don’t mean a high an answer rate.


To whom It may Concern:

I noticed your firm recently parted means with its record supplier. Ich work v Dunder Mifflin, a regional Scranton file supplier, und would like zu speak with die person in charge of paper ordering weist your company.

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and fast delivery, and I’d love to seen if we’re ns right rechts for you.


Jim Halpert


How zu Write "To whom It may Concern"

If you’re utilizing a official greeting favor "To who It may Concern," it’s important zu format it correctly. Here"s how zu write "To who It might Concern:"

Capitalize the zuerst letter von each wordAlways usage "Whom" instead von "Who" or "Whomever" (In die case von "To who It may Concern," "Whom" is the object of a verb or preposition and is appropriate kommen sie use in this context)Use a colon ~ "To who It might Concern" rather than a commaAdd a double space before beginning ns body von your message

As we’ve figured out above, if you’re utilizing "To whom It might Concern" you’re most likely approaching a business formal conversation. Don’t let sloppy formatting muddle your first impression. These advice should always set you up zum success.

When notfall To usage "To who It may Concern"

Whenever possible, stop "To whom It might Concern." It’s greatly outdated, stuffy, and lazy. With our access kommen sie the internet today, it’s relatively simple kommen sie find ns name and even email address of the person with whom we wish to speak.

Because von this, "To whom It might Concern" can demonstrate a lack von effort an correspondence i beg your pardon doesn’t collection a confident tone weil das the rest of your business relationship.

Here room a few tips weil das finding nearly anyone’s name:

Ask her HR rep or recruiter - If you’re writing a startseite letter or e-mails to a rental manager, ask her recruiter or HR rep zum the correct name.Visit the company’s LinkedIn file - At the top des their profile, you’ll lakers a hyperlinked sofort that says, "See every top top Linkedin." Click that erinnerung to lakers a list von all employees. Sie should it is in able zu skim die list until freundin find die person, role, or location you’re hoping zu connect with.
Visit the company’s "About Us" seite - smaller companies might list every employees und their titles on their "About Us" or "Team" page. At the very least, you’ll uncover a general firm inbox wherein you kann sein send a request to learn the nennen of the personen you’re trying to reach.Pick up ns phone - Call ns company where your prospect works and ask ns receptionist or administrator zum that person’s name, call information, or advice on how best kommen sie reach them.

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It could take a couple of extra minutes, yet finding the name of the person you’re reaching out to zu sein important. Show your e-mails recipient their name matters zu you and find it prior to resorting kommen sie "To whom It may Concern."

If freundin happen to find your contact’s name from doing your own research, you will do it want zu be honest with them about how you found their information.


1. "Dear hiring Manager"

When applying kommen sie a new position, it"s notfall always possible zu know the benennen of die hiring manager. If freundin can, number it out with some good-old-fashioned LinkedIn sleuthing. If not, this greeting is in appropriate choice.

2. "Dear Recruiter"

Similarly, if you"re unable to identify the recruiter or gatekeeper zum the role you"re using for, "Dear Recruiter" is a widely offered greeting.

3. "Greetings"

Save this zum colleagues or business associates you already have open und casual correspondence with. It"s friendly und familiar, so leave the behind for more official introductions.

4. "Dear Recruiting Department"

If you"re applying zum a arbeit with a bigger company, her application might be directed kommen sie a wide recruiting inbox. An this case, you"re not writing zu a particular person and might need ns approval des several recruiters. This greeting guarantee you"re casting a vast net.

5. "Dear "

If you"re selling to a details company department and are unsure that your target buyer is, addressing your email to the department alias zu sein best. It"s not idealogen but if you can"t identify die right call person, don"t be afraid to send this greeting.

6. "Dear "

Know ns title of the person you"re creating to? Great! hope you kann sein use that information to find their actual benennen — if not, addressing them von their location (i.e., "Dear Marketing Director") is an acceptable, if notfall slightly distant, way kommen sie reach out.

7. "Dear Customer service Manager"

Whether you"re addressing a message kommen sie a business contact or reaching out to customer support zum a mitarbeiter matter, it"s clever to placed your best fuß forward. A more formal, respectful greeting ist sure zu be appreciated.

8. "Hello"

Already mid-conversation through the personen on ns other end of your email? offen with a casual "Hello" and continue your message thread.

9. "Dear search Committee"

Perhaps you find you yourself addressing in email to a final panel of buyers, or probably you"ve made it to the final round of interviews zum a new job. Regardless, if freundin need zu send bei email to a kopieren, gruppe of people in one des these scenarios, this greeting functions well.

10. "Dear "

An oldie however a goodie. This greeting ist almost always appropriate. When in doubt, pull this one out.

11. "Hi Friend"

Reserve this familiar greeting zum non-professional emails correspondence — think glücklich hour plans and weekend BBQs.

12. "Season"s Greetings"

Looking for a way to give your e-mails some inclusive, work-appropriate vacation cheer? Dust off "Season"s Greetings" — nur don"t forget the apostrophe "s."

13. "Hello there "

This ist another less formal means to open your correspondence. Save it for peers, colleagues, and business associates with whom you already enjoy offen rapport.

14. "Good Morning"

Sending an email sie know wollen be read right away? Alluding to die time des day with a "Good Morning" or "Good Evening" ist suitable for all audiences.

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15. "Good Day"

Feeling international? "Good Day" isn"t a common greeting in the united States, however it might just enliven your following Monday morning email.

The internet removes countless excuses zum using "To who It may Concern." Before sie slap the in an email, consider die recommendations an this post. And wipe a couple of other outdated or lazy paragraph from her vocabulary, consisting of "Looking Forward zu Hearing from You," "Best Regards vs. Kind Regards," and "Dear sir or Madam."