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Khamosh PathakGrowing up, freundin might have kommen sie across flash while playing a video game or using bei interactive site. However Adobe Flash never officially do it to iOS devices. Here’s ns only way zu access Adobe flash sites on her iPhone und iPad.

What zu sein Adobe Flash?

Once upon a time, Adobe speed was the de-facto standard weil das delivering video, audio, animation, und interactive elements across die web. But then, thankfully, open standards choose HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript came along. Adobe Flash was proprietary, slow, und consumed a last of battery. It nur didn’t arbeit well on cell phone devices.

By 2011, Adobe had currently ended cell phone development of Flash.

Since then, ns mobile web has actually thrived. Adobe ist scheduled zu officially sunset die Adobe speed product in 2020. Major desktop browsers are now discontinuing support for Adobe Flash, although you kann sein manually re-enable Flash an Google Chrome.

Why speed Isn’t sustained on iOS and iPadOS Devices

Apple gadgets like iPhone and iPad never officially sustained Adobe Flash. An 2010, Steve job wrote in open letter dubbed Thoughts on flash (which ausblüten makes zum a an excellent read). Bei it, he outlined the reasons for not implementing Adobe Flash in Apple devices.


Jobs had a couple of arguments: Adobe Flash was not an open platform; the open H.264 video format was much better punkt delivering videos than Flash; and when the came zu games, there was the apps Store. He so pointed out die issues with security, reliability, und performance.

The best reason, though, was that Flash nur did not work well v touchscreens.

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How to Use Adobe flash on iPhone and iPad

If sie need zu access an Adobe Flash website on your iPhone or iPad, you schutz several third-party options. Browsers such as the Puffin Web browser comes through out-of-box support zum Adobe Flash. Other browsers choose Photon deshalb offer this feature, yet we introduce Puffin because it’s highly rated and free.

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Technically, fairly than running Flash on your iPad or iPhone, Puffin operation websites that use Flash top top a far server and streams you ns video. From your end, sie appear zu be utilizing a Flash-based website as normal. Yet all ns heavy lifting wake up remotely.

To obtain started, open the apps Store, search zum “Puffin net Browser,” und tap on the “Get” button to download die free browser.

Once downloaded, offen the browser und tap on die URL bar.



Here, enter ns web address von the speed site you want zu visit. Tap on ns “Go” taste to offen the website.


The Flash site will now open, through all the components. You kann sein tap on the Flash player part und then choose “Fullscreen” to open the video game or ns player bei the fullscreen view.


If you’re using in iPhone, you should switch to ns landscape check out as flash player normally works in a see widescreen format.

Once you enter ns fullscreen view, you’ll lakers two tasten on one of two people side von the player. On the left zu sein a button to access ns keyboard. On ns right ist the menu button.

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The menu consists of options kommen sie change die Flash quality and to enable the on-screen mouse and the gamepad.


To exit ns fullscreen view, madness on die “Menu” button und select “Exit.”


Khamosh PathakKhamosh Pathak ist a freelance an innovation writer that specializes an tutorials. His work has deshalb been released on Lifehacker, iPhoneHacks, Zapier"s blog, MakeUseOf, and Guiding Tech. Khamosh has almost a decade des experience creating how-tos, features and technology travel guide on ns internet. Read full Bio »