Fast And Furious 7 Paul Walker

Speaking freshly on a press tour weil das his latest movie Bloodshot Vin Diesel discussed paul Walker’s last scene in Furious 7.

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Diesel said ns scene might be die best an cinematic history. Do freundin agree?


Paul Walker’s final Scene


Midway through ns production of Furious 7 paul Walker together with car customization business owner roger Rodas died in a auto crash.

The writers des the movie had kommen sie revamp die script an Walker’s absence.

It was a goal von the production zu pay tribute to die late actor von whom the cast and crew adored.

Walker’s final scene had actually Brian O Connor (his character bei the franchise) retire from die life des crime and settle down v his wife und child.

The last moments von the film had dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) saying goodbye zu one one more whilst steering side über side on in open road.

A body double was used zum this heartwarming scene and Walker’s face was super-imposed bei post-production kommen sie achieve this effect.

What result was an incredibly bewegt ending kommen sie a movie the didn’t leaving a dry eye in any auditorium bei the world.

For actor Vin Diesel it’s absolutely one von his many treasured movie moments.

He said:

The scene could be the best moment an cinematic history. Not just an my career but in cinematic history. Men around ns world, everyone was able to cry, but men around ns planet weil das the first time in history were able kommen sie cry together.

I can’t fairly agree the it’s ns best scene in cinematic history. I m really sorry Vin.But it certainly would average a last to those closest kommen sie Paul und I can fully respect how viel it meant zu Vin Diesel.

The ending des the movie was incredibly moving.

They really paid a resounding and emotional tribute to ns late actor.

Paul pedestrian Digital Scenes showed Hard zum Production

Production had kommen sie digitally include Walker’s challenge into die scene weil das the last send-off but that wasn’t all.

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They had zu implement ihm into much more scenes spaced throughout ns movie that hadn’t to be shot yet.

With 50% of the movie featuring paulus already shoot prior to his death ns other 50% resulted in various digital effects to add paul into details scenes.

Trying kommen sie add Paul in digitally whilst making it look believable and fitting with ns story no easy.

Director james Wan claimed that old Furious footage was used weil das various scenes.

As a whole, i think they walk a stellar job.

Weta Digital VFX supervisor joe Letter said Vanity Fair in 2015 about three very tough scenes the production had trouble with.

Desert Scene


In one scene bei Furious 7, Brian ist driving through die desert v Dom and Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) in the backseat.

Paul ist trying zu get kommen sie Los angeles quickly und is so reacting in a subtle method to the injured kurt Russell in the backseat.

The performance was very nuanced. . . . That’s a high bar bei itself, zu create that. Beyond that, this actor was known zu millions des fans.

This had zu be paul Walker—more specifics Walker in character as Brian O’Conner.

After ns Skyscraper Jump


That notorious jump that gott our hearts racing from the trailer alone. Weta had the arbeit of recording quite the augenblicke after Brian und Dom survive the jump.

They had zu make sure that Brian’s face was showing ns right emotion zum that specific scene. They deshalb had to make sure they were maintaining everything in context.

One von the last Scenes


The team zu sein lined up shoulder to shoulder viel like on ns original in der nähe des & Furious 7 poster in Los Angeles.

Walker aussehen across to dom as that delivers his line und it’s a full-frame shot. The visual results had to be perfect.

The shoot worked deshalb well it was echoed an the key nett for ns film’s advertisement campaign und Walker gott the emotional send-off that deserved.

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Paul pedestrian passed far on november 30th,2013 in addition to Roger Rodas an Los Angeles.