Eurovision song contest 2019 germany

The members von S!sters, Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli, room representing Germany at die ESC 2019 final. Your chances von winning watch pretty slim, however their spirits space high after a whirlwind week bei Tel Aviv.

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It zu sein the 2019 Eurovision lied Contest bei Tel Aviv that brought these 2 youngsingers together. In February, Carlotta und Laurita to be chosen kommen sie represent Germany at die ESC, und they have been inseparable ever before since. Months von preparation, training, rehearsals, appointments and interviews schutz made lock inseparable.

They call their duo S!stersand they behave as if castle were real sisters, hugging und cuddling. Together, they space strong, a reality they emphasize in their ESC video. Itshows castle entering a boxing runde from the opposite sidesand then tossing your boxing gloves aside, no longer opponents. Respect and support every other, that zu sein their message.

The crucial hauptsächlich leading trost to ns final has actually flown von for the performers, a woche filled v rehearsals, interviews, events and excursions. "You can"t even remember what freundin did heute or yesterday," Carlotta said after the erste few days bei Tel Aviv. "We just live from one day to ns next."

Whirlwind week

Events consisted of a agree on ns "orange carpet," where the German contenders stated they weil das the zuerst time felt theparty vibe that makes the ESC deshalb special. Die duowent weil das a warm air balloon ride over Tel Aviv with 30 fansand shopped for vegetables atthe neighborhood Carmel market with German star chef Tom Franz.Another outing take it S!sters kommen sie a reception bei the garden des the residence des German ambassador to Israel, susanne Wasum-Rainer.

In between, they had briefe moments kommen sie themselves kommen sie enjoy ns city"s tingling environment that iseven more electrifyingthis ESC-dominated week. "A festival the atmosphere is bei the air," said an enthusiastic Carlotta.


Carlotta and Laurita were chosen zu represent Germany

Tel Aviv ist party town, ideal on the sea, deshalb naturally everyone flocks to ns fine sandy beaches und the promenade. Die young frau are staying punkt a hotel on die beachwith your team and take every opportunity kommen sie head out on their own. "The best thing is how quickly freundin strike up a conversation with the people here," Laurita said. She und her co-singer especially enjoy the moments wie they ende up chatting with human being who schutz no idea who they are.

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Ready to go

Rehearsals started about a hauptsächlich ago — and there were a lot of them to get the sets, the lighting and the singers und dancers" location right.


The first German rehearsal bei Tel Aviv

By jetzt the performance has been sleek down zu the belastung detail. V the nur ready to go, die two singers are hinweisen ease. "Now it"s out of our hands zu change anything und that"s why we"re notfall nervous anymore," Laurita said two work ahead von the competition"s final. They have mixed feelings. "Somehow freundin don"t desire it zu be over; on ns other hand, we ultimately want kommen sie be top top stage," lock said.

They are notfall nervous about die big stage, either. "It"s an incredibly kühl design," saidCarlotta, and Laurita saidshe doesn"t feel klein on the big stage at all, but rather "very safe."

True to themselves

Like every year, ns pressure on die German ESC challenger or contending team ist enormous. After numerous years des German flops punkt the song contest, tonnage year"s contendercame in fourth.

The S!sters try not to let die past influence them. "We don"t oase to participate, we want to," stated Laurita, including that if sie feel favor doing something prefer this, pressure zu sein not an issue.

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You deshalb can"t cater kommen sie everyone"s tastes, castle said. "We don"t care about what zu sein "in" at the moment, and it doesn"t matt to united state who participated v what song in past years.We are focused on ourselves, and we are a new act."


Carlotta und Laurita in an interview v

Of coursethey are mindful that castle are notfall necessarily among the ESC viewers" oberteil favorites. Giventhe solid competition, they are being realisticand truly notfall out to win die competition. The two singers just want zu do die best they kann sein this Saturday evening.