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The "Pretty little Liars" series finale blieb feels rushed, lazy, and unimaginative on every accounts.

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Pretty wenig Liars, i m sorry aired native 2010 zu 2017 top top Freeform (formerly abc Family), had quite a an excellent task to tackle with die unmasking von the well known black-hooded stalkers the captivated the internet as castle tormented Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), und Spencer (Troian Bellisario) from their junior year of high college until their mid-twenties.

After the lackluster expose on “Game Over, Charles” the Cece Drake (Vanessa Ray) was “Big A” and Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis, the person who took the “A” video game from Mona (Janel Parrish) during die girls’ unterschied year, expectations to be high zum the reveal of “A.D.” during the latter half of Pretty little Liars Season 6 and Season 7. Ns Cece reveal so shattered die series-long mystery of who had actually tried zu kill Alison (Sasha Pieterse) on that one labor Day night that changed the kurse of the leben of every Rosewood resident, confirming that it was just happenstance that Alison had actually been virtually killed that night. It had actually nothing to do with produziert or produziert reckless, “mean girl” antics the had created such palpable tension between Alison und literally every single person that had die displeasure of being roughly her. Needless zu say, fan were disappointed after ns years-long journey zum such unsatisfying answers.

The Pretty wenig Liars series finale, “Till fatality Do united state Part,” picks hoch one year after mary Drake (Andrea Parker) had taken the heat zum Hanna’s bout des vehicular manslaughter that killed Archer Dunhill (Huw Collins), a.k.a. Elliott Rollins, and Mona confessed kommen sie killing Cece by accident in the church’s bell tower.

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ns Identity of A.D.

One des the disappointed aspects von the Pretty little Liars series finale is ns reveal of the last stalker. Lo und behold, it is a character that the fans have never officially met: Spencer’s long-lost the same twin sister, Alex Drake… who happened to oase a couple von “romantic” scenes with Toby (Keegan Allen) end the course of Season 7.

Alex’s motivation zum being A.D. Zu sein rather simple. She grew hoch alone, bei England, after being sold von one des the Radley physicians that ceded her. Since Spencer was born first, she was given to Peter and Veronica Hastings (Nolan North and Lesley Fera), while Alex was born second, unlucky, und jealous. It wasn’t till around ns time she was 18-years-old that she met Wren (Julian Morris), Melissa und Spencer Hastings’ on-and-off-again liebe interest, bei London, who offered Alex all des the die info she needed zu know what had really occurred to her when she was born. Additionally, Wren und Cece were currently aware the Cece and Spencer were sisters, so Wren connected Cece und Alex.

When Cece died bei “Of Late, i Think of Rosewood,” Alex came kommen sie town seeking revenge zum her so late sister. But, along the way she prospered jealous des the life Spencer had, gradually deciding the she would take Spencer’s place in her kopieren, gruppe of family and friends. Bei the series finale, that’s exactly what she tries zu do. She kidnaps Spencer, stepping bei as Spencer through no issue… until Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), und the exceptional senses she’s used to memorize how Spencer breathes and how Spencer’s love beats, realize it’s notfall Spencer.

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pretty-little-liars-finale bild via Freeform
While ns story ist relatively interesting, it simply lacks any emotional weight. Your tormentor as soon as again gift someone through no real emotional ties zu them, just like Cece, was a slap in the face to viewers who had actually continued zu tune in. If Alex had been introduced sooner, and the viewers knew of her existence und what she was attempting zu do, the could’ve been a various story. However there’s no echt sense of betrayal, like the kind of heart pain Hanna feel upon finding out that Mona was the zuerst tormenter an the Season 2 finale.

Aside native it being someone the viewers and the personalities knew nothing about, it’s deshalb about the execution. That wasn’t until halfway through the finale that this twist was introduced, leave no time kommen sie satisfactorily dig into what had happened. It’s a rapid story, it’s over, and then everyone moves on. It has actually no lasting affect on anyone, i beg your pardon defeats ns entire purpose. It’s just bei unfortunate coincidence that these girls happened to be the ones certain tortured über two world that they were hardly linked to. The motivation behind Cece und Alex’s geschichte feels lazy, und it’s tough to believe these were ever before supposed to be die Big Bads.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Pretty wenig Liars, it’s the they möchte use Mona together a scapegoat zum anything, for sure wrecking any und all von the character development we see from her during die in-between times. At any time the show needs a killer, Mona’s there zu take die fall. It happened with Bethany Young, the girl who was believed zu be Alison, and again through Cece. An the series finale, Mona dons the schwarze farbe hoodie when again, in spite of making dafür much progression over the tonnage six or seven years of herstellung life, finally moving ~ above from who she was an high school. Even with Cece, that was in accident, deshalb while it was frustrating zu once again oase something favor that fall on Mona, it was relatively excusable. Yet there was no need zum Mona zu become A again, helping Alex kommen sie kidnap und entrap Spencer.

Then, after everyone realizes that Alex exists, Mona and her unrecognizable friend that’s pretending to be a cop kidnap Alex and Mary Drake kommen sie lock them in a dollhouse of produziert own creation an Paris. It’s a danger message zu send because of Mona’s continuous battle with psychological health, which is why she became A in the zuerst place after Alison’s relentless torture an middle und high school. Quite a disappointing ende for the character, reverting her rückseitig to who she was lang ago prior to countless instances von character growth and reparations to her relationships with Hanna und the various other Liars.

(It doesn’t help either the it zu sein confirmed on the canceled spin-off, Pretty little Liars: ns Perfectionists, that Mary and Alex escape from Mona’s dollhouse und are on ns loose.)

pretty-little-liars-series-finale bild via Freeform
zu be frank, the endings introduced zum the Liars all feeling lazy und superficial. By the ende of the Pretty little Liars series finale, lock all oase the same finishing (except zum Spencer): Married through kids/kids on ns way. This girls are in their mid-twenties when the show ends, so why to be they all dafür focused top top having youngsters already? Aria und Ezra had just gotten married, und had a movie gift made based upon their best-selling novel. It would’ve made deshalb much sense zum them to travel die world with each other instead of adopting ideal away, offered their interests that were brought hoch repeatedly throughout ns show. Hanna und Caleb were nur starting your careers, but dafür focused on do the efforts to have a baby. Emily and Alison having youngsters made feeling considering that was a story presented several episodes earlier, however it’s blieb frustrating the nothing more inventive or specific kommen sie who lock both were was done über the writers.

Spencer’s ending isn’t great, either. After gift kidnapped by her twin, we’re left v Spencer ultimately beginning kommen sie reconcile through Toby, that had nur lost his wife Yvonne (Kara Royster) in a car accident mere illustration earlier und hadn’t recovered yet from that loss. Bei addition, she’s coming to be a lawyer, which ist something Spencer says she never wants to do. She didn’t want to follow in their footsteps… but since no ja wirklich thought was put into where these girls ended up, that’s what she got.

None des the characters’ endings felt angestellter to them or prefer a echt conclusion to the journey we had actually gone with them on end the tonnage decade of their lives. Every little thing was just being covering up an the very same way to keep ns girls in Rosewood, even if it is it made sense or not. (Spoiler alert: the did not.) in spite of knowing that Season 7 would certainly be ns last, die ending feeling rushed, unimaginative, and inconsistent on every accounts.

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Pretty wenig Liars ist currently streaming ~ above HBO Max.

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