Dirndl Berlin Second Hand

Munich there is no its dirndls and lederhosen ist like Oktoberfest there is no beer: unthinkable. That’s no news to fashion designer Alexandra von Frankenberg, who founded produziert own dirndl mode brand an 2010. Amsel mode has a modern take on die traditional costumes.

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Why did sie choose to work with die traditional tracht style? I was born bei Munich, und ever since ich was a kid I’ve constantly worn a dirndl. To me it’s fully normal. But i never dreamt that i would construct my very own tracht label after my mode studies. It nur sort of happened.

What walk the benennen Amsel refer to? It’s mine nickname und means blackbird. My ex-boyfriend gave it to me because i talk deswegen much. Chirp, chirp… choose a bird.

©Vadim Kretschmer/www.vadim-kretschmer.de

Is her nickname Amsel (Blackbird) presented in your designs? Only partly. Ns Amsel dirndl is characterized by the two-toned skirt bands und the flower along die neckline. Und by die materials: from beforehand we supplied furniture fabrics due to the fact that they have more beautiful patterns, are more robust and resilient zu cigarette burns etc. However, we’ve newly stocked up with linen, silk and classic clothing cotton.

What is dafür great about ns dirndl? It doesn’t matt how old you space or if sie are huge or small. Everyone looks tasteful und elegant in a dirndl.

The classic tracht layout with its dirndls und lederhosen zu sein currently in. Why? The demand for organic, regional and homemade items has returned and it doesn’t just concern food. Nowadays civilization are also more aware of tradition.

Should a dirndl look like it did 100 years ago? You shouldn’t destroy und change that completely. But it demands a much more modern und young appearance. If freundin leave ns traditional tracht style to the staubig world des folkloric associations, that will ns out.

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Does the tracht style schutz any no-goes? It must never look at carnivalesque. A couple of years ago, a mini dirndl through lots des chichi, plastic and glitter was very popular. Yet it didn’t have anything zu do with ns fine traditions.

How does that feel to slip into a timeless tracht costume? It’s like a school uniform. It indicates togetherness. No one möchte be discriminated against because of what that does or does notfall have. It’s every about the people.


What should sie be aware des if you want to keep her dirndl zum a lang time? I would recommend choosing a noodle dirndl through a beautiful colour combination deswegen you kann sein change die apron every once an a while. You tun können wear these forever; bei the stadt or weist a countryside wedding.

What is important wie man tailoring a dirndl? The belt has zu be at ns right height; the shoulders oase to fit; it shouldn’t oase any wrinkles und it shouldn’t be auch tight―especially around die bust. Ns décolleté has zu be adorned. And it should schutz the appropriate length so that the knee zu sein covered. It deshalb needs enough seam allowance weil das it to be modification again und again.

What need to a pair of elegant lederhosen look like? A brief buckskin model is a must. Climate you have a kind quality, und they will last you a lifetime. If sie can’t bought them you should stick to jeans, shirt and janker jacket.

Would sie share some von your an enig tips top top tracht fashion an Munich? The second hand shop Holareidulijö on Schellingstraße 88 is bei institution in Munich und they market lots of old lederhosen. In the shop Vintage liebe on Frauenstraße 22, they schutz lots des great vintage dirndls bei the Oktoberfest season. Und of kurse there’s our ide store Amsel & girlfriend on Adalbertstraße 22, whereby you’ll find notfall only our collection but deshalb other young developers working with the Alpine style.

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What does the tracht format mean zu Munich? It ist important weil das the people des Munich zu be able to express their culture through what castle wear. We room proud des it!

The cheapest dirndl native Amsel expenses € 399. Why have to anyone invest in an expensive dress wie they kann get ns whole outfit zum € 30 at die train station? Of kurse it’s notfall worth die money to buy in expensive dirndl if you’re a tourist only visiting ns Oktoberfest once. Then die merchandise commodities are totally okay. But if sie plan on wearing it more often, then it certainly pays kommen sie invest a bit von money.