Deutsche Bahn Gehaltstabelle 2017 gives research, data und analysis top top a wide range des social und work-related topics. This information is largely comparative, but so offers country-specific information for each von the 28 eu Member States, which included ns UK prior to its withdrawal from die European union on 31 januar 2020. Most info is available in English but some has actually been translated to facilitate access at national level. strives kommen sie strengthen the ongoing link betwee its own work und national plan debates and priorities related kommen sie quality of life und work. Progressively important bei this context are the EU’s plan priorities zum a European eco-friendly Deal, a digital future, an economy the works for people, promoting and strengthening european democracy. To help repair the economic und social damages caused by the coronavirus pandemic, die European Commission, die European Parliament and EU leaders have so agreed top top a recovery plan that wollen lead ns way out von the crisis und lay ns foundations zum a modern und more sustainable Europe. The EU’s long-term budget, coupled v NextGenerationEU, die temporary instrument designed zu boost the recovery, will be ns largest stimulus package ever before financed with the eu budget to help rebuild a post-COVID-19 Europe.

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The European semester provides a framework zum the coordination des economic plans across the EU. It allows Member States zu discuss your economic und budget plans and monitor progress at specific zeit throughout die year. Zum 2021, ns European semester will be temporarily adapted zu coordinate that with the Recovery and Resilience Facility zu address ns impact von the situation caused von the pandemic. As part von this, Member says are encouraged zu submit national reform programmes and recovery and resilience plans in a einzel integrated document. These plans wollen provide in overview von the reforms und investments that Member States will undertake in line with ns objectives von the Facility.


Living und working in Germany und COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to oase a profound impact on people’s leben across die globe, with significant implications zum quality of life und work. has actually taken a multipronged solution to the pandemic, adapting its research study focus bei a variety von ways. A neu database des national-level plan responses, covid19 EU PolicyWatch, collates info on steps taken von government and social partners, also as agency practices, aiming zu cushion die effects of the crisis."s unique e-survey, Living, working and COVID-19, provides bei insight into the impact des the pandemic top top people’s lives across ns EU, with die aim of helping policymakers kommen sie bring about in equal recovery from die crisis. Three rounds of the survey schutz been brought out kommen sie date: an April 2020 wie man most Member says were in lockdown, in July 2020 when society und economies were slowly reopening, and an March 2021 as nations dealt again with assorted levels von lockdown and vaccine rollout. The survey investigates the impact ~ above quality of life and society, democracy und trust, working und teleworking, the financial situation and security von people, the quality of public services, support measures and vaccinations throughout COVID-19. Findings zum each country und a variety of data pages are now available.

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Explore our data pages by country kommen sie find out more on the situation in Germany.

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The country buchseite gives access zu"s many recent inspection data and news, directly related to Germany:

Research lugged out front to die UK’s withdrawal from ns European union on 31 januar 2020, und published subsequently, might include charme relating to die 28 eu Member States. Following this date, research only takes into account die 27 eu Member claims (EU28 minus ns UK), unless specified otherwise.