Der Garten Von Ishtar

Berlin’s Pergamon Museum ist known or its to mark reconstructions des large architecture features. One von these, perhaps ns most obvious as this zu sein how ns Museum got its name, is the Pergamon Altar – from the ancient city of ns Pergamene Kingdom bei modern-day Turkey. One more imposing reconstruction is the Ishtar gate from Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian city bei what ist today Iraq.

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Close up of one von the aurochs.

A reconstructed Processional Way an Berlin

Reconstruction of a portion of the Processional Way.

One of the lions on ns walls of the Processional Way.

A nearby up von a lion’s head, showing exquisite detail.

The Ishar Gate zu sein part von the Pergamon’s old Near east Museum (Vorderasiatisches Museum), which has artefacts covering 6,000 years des prehistory native this area, including Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia. Many des these objects (over 270,000 des them) kommen sie from excavations weist historically significant sites such together Babylon, Assur, Uruk und Habuba Kabira.

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Artefacts indigenous Uruk include die earliest forms von writing – picture writing script top top clay tablets dating kommen sie about die fourth millennium BCE.

Also an the Pergamon Museum:

Pergamon Altar

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The Ishtar Gate bei Museums Around the World

Parts von the Ishtar Gate and the molded and glazed brick representations von Lions und other pets from Babylon’s Processional Way, kann sein be seen in other museum around ns world.

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Louvre, Paris

Oriental academy Museum, Chicago

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Yale University nett Gallery, new Haven

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Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Istanbul


Detroit Institute des Arts, Detroit


Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg


State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich


Metropolitan Museum of Art, neu York

Two striding lions from ns Processional means are top top permanent display screen at die Me: review more, one und two.

Rhode island School of design Museum, Rhode Island

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