Der Dativ ist zum Genitiv es ist in Tod is in interesting expression which originates this question. I’m interested an knowing how true is it/will the be.

Du schaust: Der dativ ist dem genitiv sein

Has always had 4 cases? Or were some instances deleted/added? When?

I"m temporarily a DaF-student, and while learning die genitive repositions, there are some that are dative prepositions too (e.g. wegen, dank, ...). However, mine teacher ‒ who is young enough ‒ said me that produziert grammar courses weist school classified those prepositions together exclusively genitive. If this readjust took place so quickly, could civilization predict a year an which ns genitive will be obsolete?

Could ns “elegant” feature of the genitive, later on sound nur old-fashioned? bei der I making use of old-fashioned grammar wie man talking betwee “Kumpels” and using genitive?

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In addition to the other answer I"d like kommen sie add that an the Duden Grammatik (the real, fat one) they say that neu prepositions build mainly from adverb or various other prepositional phrases. Wie man a neu preposition evolves ns case it rules ist often slate which then letztere changes zu Dative or maybe also Accusative. Also, the prepositions tend zu get shortened.

One example zum the case-change ist the preposition ohne i beg your pardon used kommen sie rule Genitive. Die proof lock offer zu sein the indigenous zweifelsohne.

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An example weil das the shortening is anstatt - statt.

Wegen is bei the process of changing at ns moment und will probably ende up in Dative.

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Examples weil das possible neu prepositions room anstelle and aufgrund. Those space contracted 2 native combinations und as of jetzt they clearly rule the Genitive.

So considering that neu prepositions often tend to start of with ns Genitive und taking die other answers right into account ich would say the it ist unlikely the möchte entirely gain rid von it. ist a hard zu predict language, over there are contradictory forces weist work und you"re always bei for a surprise.