Amazing & lovely 2 room apartment just around the corner from lock Charlottenburg in Western central Berlin

€1,725 / month


Living an Berlin-Mitte

The name “Mitte” way middle an German, and that's specifically where you'll find this renowned district. Located bei the heart of Berlin, Mitte zu sein home zu world-famous sights prefer the brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, und the Bauhaus Museum. Die over 100.000 occupants of mitte would most likely agree the it's a fine place kommen sie live.

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Mitte ist many things: Berlin's "Silicon Valley", historical showpiece, und vibrant nightlife area. A host of major global companies are based an the area, deswegen Mitte wollen suit experts who need access kommen sie offices and conference facilities. Yet it deshalb offers great shopping and dining options und many nightclubs roughly Alexanderplatz. This neighbourhood has bei extremely vast appeal.

Being ns heart of the city, Mitte zu sein generally a rather expensive place kommen sie hunt zum a furnished apartment weil das rent, back affordable deals can be discovered away indigenous touristy areas. Bei general, expect zu pay significantly more than in other neighbourhoods, through one-bedroom apartments available zum €1.100 - €1.700 über month.

Living in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Located west of the stadt centre und south des the fluss Spree, Charlottenburg is a popular choice weil das families und young human being who want good connections with ns centre, but more affordably-priced apartments in Berlin. Shopping, historical attractions, dining, and parks all mean that it's an excellent base from which zu explore die city.

Charlottenburg is a an excellent place zum people who liebe parks and outdoor recreation. The area's eastern half is dominated von the city park Tiergarten, while die district is also home kommen sie the berlin Zoo, plenty of lively bars and restaurants, and the shopping sky Kurfürstendamm.

Expect to find slightly cheaper short term rental fees than in central Berlin, with furnished one-bedroom apartments available weil das €950 - €1.450 über month.

Living bei Berlin-Kreuzberg

Popular amongst students because des its affordable brief term rentals, Kreuzberg can be found nur south des the stadt centre. It's a vivid part of Berlin, where die large Turkish population adds part flavour to die local dining options and a bohemian, tranquil vibe zu sein the norm.

Kreuzberg ist Berlin's current creative hub, v standout features including quirky cafes, pop-up galleries, street nett on every corner, und the lively Turkish market. Add an a dynamic direkte music und nightlife scene und it's easy to see why Kreuzberg attracts a young, culturally energetic crowd.

Relatively affordable furnished apartments are one more draw zum younger visitors. Expect zu pay approximately €900 - €1.400 for a furnished one-bedroom apartment.

Living in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

When Berlin's current revival kicked off, Prenzlauer berg was transformed into a diverse, youthful neighbourhood, with plenty des cafes und art galleries. Situated north-east von Mitte, it's now known as more of bei eco-friendly family area, v excellent fahrzeug links und local amenities.

Prenzlauer Berg's properties have tendency to oase a high proportion of Wilhelmine (late 19th century) designs, consisting of some des the most beautiful apartments weil das rent an Berlin. Good cafes and bookshops make it appealing together well.

As Prenzlauer berg has attracted an ext families and professionals, the prices oase risen. Expect rent prices similar to the center Neighbourhood, punkt around €1.050 - €1.550 zum a furnished one-bedroom apartment.

Living in Berlin-Neukölln

Located south-east des the stadt centre and relatively close kommen sie Schönefeld Airport, Neukölln is an up-and-coming neighbourhood where new organic cafes open up every week and creative spirit ist on die rise.

For a lang time, Neukölln was neglected von people seeking accommodation in Berlin, yet that's no longer the case. That is collection von restaurants native around die world, ns large neu park at Tempelhof and the shopping scene with a continuous opening of neu markets und boutiques do it popular amongst young professionals.

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Prices bei Neukölln haven't rather caught hoch with ns neighbourhood's cultural rise, deshalb it's still in affordable area. Mean furnished one-bedroom apartments to cost approximately €850 - €1.350 von month.

Berlin has everything you could hope weil das from a national capital, indigenous world-class museum and in efficient public fahrzeug network kommen sie shops, markets, and a dynamic arts scene. Here are part pointers zu get you started in the German capital.


Transportation in Berlin

Below room our advice on how to get roughly during your first weeks in the city.

Taxis are available across Berlin und are much more comfortable but so a pricier way zu get around. Your base fare ist €3.90 with bei additional €2 per kilometre. You kann hail a taxi on the straße if needed, but be aware that when you do, brief journeys wollen cost a minimal of €5.

Sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin has seen plenty von history, so it's no surprise that attractions room everywhere. Right here are part highlights:

The brandenburg Gate served as die entry to berlin under Prussian rule und later survived the Second world War, becoming a symbol von rebirth. Even an ext meaning was added wie the berlin Wall came down und the gate became a sign von German unity.

The needle-like Fernsehturm (TV tower) soars above Mitte. Die summit offers bei unmissable 360-degree view von the city, along with a skies restaurant. Nowhere else in Berlin möchte you get a better view.

A famed crossing point of the berlin Wall between 1961 and 1989, Checkpoint charlie is jetzt the site von a memorable museum, which tells the story des the separated city.

Reopened und rebuilt with the help of British architect teacher Norman Foster, die Reichstag ist a magnificent testimony zu modern Germany. A visit to die rooftop terrace und the guided tour des the dome are very recommended.

No visit to berlin is complete without spending part time in contemplation at peter Eisenman's Jewish Memorial. Situated near the brandenburg Gate, the memorial's 2.711 concrete monoliths room a fitting reminder des man's darker side.

Home zu Babylon's well known Ishtar Gate, a gorgeous bust des the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, in endless array of modern masterpieces and much more, Museum Island is a prominent collection of museums bei central Berlin.

Berlin's auszeichnungen department store, KaDeWe (short weil das Department Store des the West) sprawls over 60.000 square metres an Schöneberg. Ns luxury perfume and shoe departments are celebrated, but die 6th and 7th-floor food halls are the echt highlight.

The ost Side collection is an open-air art exhibit do up von 1.3 kilometres des the berlin Wall. It was opened in 1990 after artist took over a stretch of the wall, creating in improvised masterpiece.

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Useful Services an Berlin

Settling into your new apartment in Berlin tun können be tough enough. However don’t worry - Berlin’s startup scene provides a vast range des services weil das new residents in order kommen sie make life easier.