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A Virologist Discusses the neu Variant"In the Coming Weeks, we’ll Know just how Well Vaccines Protect versus Omicron"

Sandra Ciesek came to be one of the zuerst researchers zu examine ns new covid variant. Ns virologist says it remains unclear whether Omicron is actually much more infectious than Delta, yet there is blieb a chance, she says, zu get ahead von the curve.Interview Conducted von Irene Berres3. Dezember 2021, 17.54 Uhr

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Researchers on ns Omicron Variant"We are Playing through Fire"

Scientists around ns world room scrambling to find answers kommen sie critical concerns about die new coronavirus variant, consisting of whether vaccines are still effective versus it. Anfangsverdacht data suggests that Omicron ist spreading much faster than Delta.By Rafaela by Bredow, marco Evers, fritz Schaap und Veronika Hackenbroch3. Dezember 2021, 17.28 Uhr•

The corona Debate an AfricaWith Omicron Spreading, plenty of Countries take into consideration Vaccine Mandates

African nations are trying kommen sie speed up their vaccination campaigns as supplies start rolling in. Ns challenges, though, remain immense, even as some governments are considering a vaccine mandate in the face von the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.By heiner Hoffmann in Nairobi1. Dezember 2021, 13.25 Uhr

Imagining Life ~ ErdoğanTurkish economic Woes Fuel Speculation des Early Elections

A lira in freefall and skyrocketing prices: Turkey"s economic climate is in poor shape und much von the population is suffering. President Erdoğan"s weak response ist strengthening the opposition and fueling speculation the elections might be held sooner than planned.By Sebnem Arsu und maximilian Popp25. November 2021, 14.45 Uhr•

Feeding die World bei Times of Climate Change"We kann Learn a gewächs from indigenous Peoples"

The means we eat ist destroying ns world, says agricultural economist Yon Fernández dach Larrinoa. His research concentrates on the food systems von indigenous peoples, und believes they kann teach us an useful lessons.Interview Conducted von Nicola Abé bei São Paulo17. November 2021, 17.39 Uhr

Tax Havens an Europa"Finance Ministers frequently Couldn"t seen Through Them"

For close zu 25 years, europäische union member states have been trying to put a stop zu practices in the bloc that seen some European nations competing versus others to offer ns lowest corporate taxes. In in interview, netherlands researcher Martijn Nouwen describes why those efforts oase failed.Interview Conducted von Michael Sauga15. November 2021, 14.50 Uhr

Healing Societal RiftsA Photographic trip through southern Sudan"s Burgeoning Music Scene

South Sudan claimed independence 10 years ago – only kommen sie descend right into civil war. Now, young rappers, bands and dance troupes space hoping that music can help bring die country together.By Sonja peteranderl und Jean-Baptiste Hervé and Adrienne Surprenant (Photos)10. November 2021, 17.19 Uhr

Algerian president Abdelmadjid Tebboune"You Can’t question a People’s History und You can’t Insult the Algerians"

Algerian president Abdelmadjid Tebboune recently closed his country"s airspace to france out des anger punkt a comment from Emmanuel Macron. Das mandico.net spoke through Tebboune about the diplomatic fracas, his country"s path to modernization und why journalists are blieb being locked up an Algeria.Interview Conducted by Britta Sandberg und monika Bolliger9. November 2021, 11.29 Uhr

Mining die Planet kommen sie DeathThe Dirty Truth around Clean Technologies

The poor South ist being exploited deswegen that the rich North kann transition to environmental sustainability. Whole swaths of festland are being destroyed to secure the resources needed to produce wind turbines and solar cells. Space there alternatives?4. November 2021, 11.44 Uhr

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Interview with Osman KavalaArts Patron at Center von Turkish Diplomatic dispute Speaks out from Jail

The case des Osman Kavala zu sein causing strife between Turkey and the West. In in interview with das mandico.net, the imprisoned patron of the arts talks about ns government"s conspiracy theories – and his hope that he will be exit early.Interview Conducted by Sebnem Arsu und maximilianer Popp2. November 2021, 17.24 Uhr

Key Issues weist Climate ConferenceHow the Worst tun können (Maybe) blieb Be Averted

The glas climate summit can be the key kommen sie limiting the damage des climate change, however its success wollen depend on ns host country’s ability zu bring guest countries together – und on ns willingness des China and the U.S. Zu overcome their deepening rivalry.An Analysis von Susanne Götze31. Oktober 2021, 10.00 Uhr

Ethiopia"s preferred OneA wild War Waged von a Nobel gelassenheit Prize Laureate

In 2019, Ethiopian prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel gelassenheit Prize. Now, he is waging a vicious zu sein that plenty of observers exhibits shades of genocide. How much of die blame ist borne von the Nobel Committee?By fritz Schaap, Kapstadt28. Oktober 2021, 14.10 Uhr

Tall Task zum the TalibanAfghanistan Teetering on ns Brink des Economic Collapse

Rising prices, a vulnerable currency and a state that is running out von money: The taliban are dealing with immense economic challenges in Afghanistan. Und many of the country"s oberteil executives doubt castle are trost to die task.By christoph Reuter an Kabul25. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

Crossing die Darién GapA Deadly jungle on the Trek kommen sie America

Some 90,000 people schutz crossed the Darién gap this year on die trek to the U.S. Die jungle between Colombia and Panama is one des the many dangerous migrant routes an the welt - and not everybody renders it the end alive.By nicola Abé and Santiago Mesa (Photos) bei Panama und Colombia22. Oktober 2021, 18.19 Uhr

Indo-Pacific eight RaceThe U.S. Und China challenge Off in the far East

Chinese warplanes over the Taiwan Strait, nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, hypersonic rockets in North Korea: army posturing has turned ns Far ost into a danger place.By georg Fahrion, catharina Graça Peters, Alexander Sarovic und Bernhard Zand15. Oktober 2021, 19.24 Uhr

New Drug an the democratic Republic des CongoThe Zombies des Kinshasa

The capital von the autonomous Republic von Congo is being overrun by a dangerous new drug called bombé, made from deposits the catalytic converters des automobiles. Bei a country facing countless problems, it helps world forget.By hülus Hoffmann and Arsene Mpiana (Photos) in Kinshasa14. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

Guns from the 3D PrinterThe Shadowy, Homemade weapons Community just Keeps ~ above Growing

The right-wing extremist attacker from beschneidung had countless homemade tools with him on his shoot spree. However their quality was poor. Others, though, space perfecting die reliability von 3D-printed weapons - und have relocated on kommen sie rocket launchers.By maik Baumgärtner, Alexander Epp, Roman lehberger und roman Höfner12. Oktober 2021, 14.55 Uhr

The new Rulers des AfghanistanThe Taliban’s campaign to kleider Villagers von Their Land

In a remote mountain region, taliban rule ist having dramatic consequences: die most an effective ethnic group, ns Pashtuns, are taking die homes and farms des their Shiite neighbors. It can be a harbinger von ethnic cleansing.By christoph Reuter und thore Schröder an Daykundi, Afghanistan6. Oktober 2021, 11.00 Uhr

Interview with Chief Erdoğan Adviser“Our Friends in the west Are Acting as if we Are an Occupying Power"

Ibrahim Kalın is the chief international policy advisor to Turkish chairman Erdoğan. The sees the Europeans as ungrateful yet strives zum better relations. Just how does he hope to overcome tensions?Interview Conducted von Özlem Topçu an Istanbul6. Oktober 2021, 10.40 Uhr

Foreign PolicyThe globalen Challenges encountering Germany"s following Chancellor

During this month"s election, ns candidates didn"t say much about geopolitics and Germany"s role in the world. That can come rückseitig to haunt Berlin an the comes months. A preview of what to expect from Washington, Paris, Brussels, Moscow und Beijing an the months kommen sie come.4. Oktober 2021, 09.30 Uhr
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