Csd Parade Berlin 2015

With June each month, the city of berlin comes alive through a vibrancy and bei energy that’s really rather hard to describe. There’s just deshalb much life in this city and after ns cold winter und the fresh Frühling, June is usually the month when the stadt bursts back into life. Die open-airs gain started, die outdoor kinos room open und the weather ist warm, sweaty und sexy. All des that come into complete swing with die gay pride — always hinweisen the end of ns month spanning two weekends with hundreds von thousands des visitors und a stark amount von debauchery.

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Because it’s one of Berlin’s best gay weekends of the year, it’s worth knowing a bit about all ns pieces of berlin gay pride. There are a last of main events as well as unofficial ones, dafür it’s nice easy to get lost. (Not always a wanne thing an Berlin!) Here’s the gist:

Berlin happy Pride – What you Need kommen sie Know

At the official CSD parade 2015 with hundreds of thousands of other participants! #LoveWinsLesbisch Schwules Stadtfest — the weekend before the official parade, it’s a fun, community organized eventDyke* march — die Dyke March constantly happens throughout Pride Week, a demonstration for more lesbian visibility consisting of transgender und other supporters. There are no van or sponsors together it’s in actual march, notfall a paradeOfficial CSD Lesbian splitter linterparty — ns Friday before the CSD Parade is the official CSD lesbian party, though again there are plenty of other lesbian events throughout proud WeekCSD Parade — the official parade, very much commercializedCSD main Stage — As die official parade ends an Tiergarten, ns trucks park but die music keeps going through a taste stage full of performers weil das the rest von the dayTransgenialer CSD (tCSD) — the alternative pride march and street splitter linterparty often take away place die same day & afternoon, an Kreuzberg (which is why it’s also called ns Kreuzberg Pride). It’s often much more politics with an ext rights activists

Lesbisch Schwules Stadtfest

The CSD Stadtfest zu sein a fun und local way kommen sie experience happy pride an Berlin. Picture courtesy of Meg from the queer travel blog, Dopes on ns Road

Berlin’s gay pride, called CSD (short zum Christopher street Day—a German tradition for all of Germany’s happy prides), starts through the always famous Stadtfest—a straße fair through LGBT organizations setting nach oben alongside DJs and summer bars in the historic gayborhood roughly Nollendorfplatz. It’s one des the most fun events of the happy pride weekends with a laid-back, casual atmosphere. It’s a little less sex-related than the official CSD parade on die following Saturday, but just as much fun. It’s deshalb much more von a regional affair, though deshalb very tourist-friendly.

CSD Parade & Party bei Tiergarten


The taste attraction, though, zu sein the main CSD parade, starting in Charlottenburg, passing with Nollendorfplatz and ultimately do its method into tiergarten park an front of Brandenburger Tor. Ns pride parade ist unique from rather around ns world in that every truck bei the parade (and there room over 50!) has its own dance party following behind. Spectators typically watch from ns sidelines and join an behind a truck when ns music ist to your liking. It’s a fully fun environment, watching ns parade, v costumes, the occasional bit von nudity and people flyering zum different LGBT groups, events and international organizations.

Transgenialer CSD (or Kreuzberger CSD)


Personally, as much fun as ns official CSD splitterpartei is, happy pride in Berlin zu sein really all about ns alternative event bei Kreuzberg. With a pride march down Oranienstrasse and parties hinweisen some des Berlin’s finest alt clubs, die SO36 und Südblock, it’s in event the really feels completely open weil das any type of person—however they can identify. It’s also much an ext political 보다 that other CSD parade und party.

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This year, die alternative CSD party was one von the finest ones yet. Occurring on Oranienstrasse v a couple of stages set up and spätis selling cheap beers, it was a really fun environment. Over there were deshalb some teams advocating against die Israeli pinkwashing which was heavily present weist the main CSD party.

District pride – CSD main Closing Party


I’ve been kommen sie this splitterpartei a couple of times an the 4 prides I’ve to be to bei Berlin… It’s constantly a lot of fun, though maybe periodically a little bit touristic. This year, Robyn performed and DJ’d which was a bit fun—plus the takes place hinweisen the arena Club which, if freundin haven’t been, ist definitely a to meet worth checking out (especially when they put on gay events like die District Pride). Music was fun and the atmosphere was mixed. I spent my time alternating between hanging out on die beach lounging in chairs talking v friends (including mine buddy Cheryl and fellow #MyGayPride blogger Margherita) and deshalb a same amount von time top top the dance floor (with a beleuchten of a last of sweaty, mostly-naked men).

SchwuZ CSD Parties

Anyone who complies with me on instagram or twitter will know über now that SchwuZ zu sein one von my most favorite happy clubs. Located an a former Kindl brewery, die space is modern and cool without being pretentious. Society nights vary from Madonna-only nights to BritPop and electronic, so the club really includes all types von party scenes. Add to it’s a pretty combined club through gays and lesbians, making it a fun place zu go out v a group. During CSD weekend, SchwuZ hosts die official lesbian party, add to a queer after-party on the day of the parades. It’s constantly a lot of fun through a lively und friendly crowd—more deswegen than some des the other CSD parties.

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* * *

View some photos from die CSD gay pride weekend here, and check at the bottom von the post weil das additional travel tips throughout CSD Berlin.