Corona: No relaxation of the restrictions weist Christmas

Despite die fact that the number of corona infections an zu sein now fallout’s again, die capital city residents cannot hope for a relaxation of the restrictions hinweisen Christmas.

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The Governing market of – Senate Chancellery: corona virus die info (Covid-19)

Directive, general rules von conduct und more: Measures against the corona virus. More

On ns one hand, the federal und state governments extended the partial lockdown ~ above Wednesday until 10 january 2021. On the other hand,'s administer mayor michael Müller (SPD) evidenced that, bei contrast to other federal states, there möchte be no relaxation von contact restrictions weil das private meetings in end Christmas und New Year's Eve. "In general, the situation will stay as it ist now," stated Chancellor angela Merkel (CDU) on the extension von the partial lockdown with ns closure des restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities. It has been bei force since 2 November and was initially prolonged until 20 December nationwide ns week before, bei till 22 December.
in the corona pandemic, Germany was ausblüten "very much away" native target values, said merkel after a videobilien conference with ns Prime Ministers. Ns death toll was very high. This shows die responsibility des the federal and state governments. A value of 50 new infections per 100,000 citizens within seven days need to be reached, merkel affirmed. Müller pointed out that die number of neu infections an has been falling zum several days. ~ above Wednesday, the number of new infections über 100,000 residents within one week was 181.6 follow to die health administration. In the meantime, the figure had climbed well over 200. Müller spoke of a hopeful trend. But: "We blieb have a last of work to do", the emphasised.
Therefore, there tun können be no relaxation des contact restrictions zum private meetings end Christmas zu contain the corona pandemic. End Christmas und New Year's Eve, the Senate allows a maximum of five human being at privatgelände meetings, not counting children trost to the age of 14. Die federal und state governments, on ns other hand, had actually agreed in the previous week zu a maximum of ten human being plus youngsters up zu 14 years des age weil das meetings "in the closest circle of family or friends" indigenous 23 December kommen sie 1 January.
since Sunday, has currently had stricter call restrictions bei place, in line with die decision taken von the federal und state governments die week before. Privatgelände gatherings v friends, relatives und acquaintances space limited kommen sie a maximum von five world from one's very own household and one various other household. Youngsters under 12 years des age space excluded. Ns Federal Government und the Länder had proposed bei age limit zum children of 14 years. Following die decision taken über the commonwealth Government and the Länder on Wednesday, this rule möchte continue kommen sie apply indigenous 2 january until punkt least 10 January.

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with a view to die mass vaccinations planned indigenous the ende of December or the beginning von January, Müller urged the federal government kommen sie quickly define ns framework conditions. Numerous federal states and were currently well all set with their inoculation centres. "But it ist important that us stick zu this together. Regulation are necessary on die invitation system weil das those affected, which is to it is in standardised throughout Germany. Here, die federal claims need rapid planning security. "This ist not going to happen ~ above its own."


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