Corona hotspots baden württemberg

there is no a vaccination, no much more night walks and no much more pubs: in Baden-Württemberg, the first municipalities space issuing strictly rules for those who schutz not been vaccinated. Ns regulation applies from Monday morning, various other districts can follow.

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Biberach ist one von the three corona hotspots in Baden-Württemberg, where departure restrictions zum unvaccinated people use from midnight


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From Monday onwards, unvaccinated civilization are only allowed zu go outside the door von their apartment weist night an three corona hotspots bei Baden-Württemberg for a valid reason.

The regulation affects ns hotspots







There, human being without a corona vaccination are just allowed kommen sie go the end on ns street betwee 9 p.m. And 5 a.m. V special justification.

The exceptions included medical emergencies and reasons for work, said die head of the Ministry des Social Affairs an Baden-Württemberg, uwe Lahl, des the German niederdrücken Agency bei Stuttgart.

He assumed the it would not stay v these three circles until the middle des the week und thus until the new corona regulation, Lahl said.

The incidence threshold that zu sein decisive weil das the ministry zu sein "600 and a dynamic situation".

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Several various other counties were just before this worth over die weekend.

The seven-day incidence of new corona infections was 606 in the Schwarzwald-Baar district on Saturday, 702.2 bei the Ostalb district and 631.9 an the Biberach district.

The worth indicates exactly how many neu infections with the covid per 100,000 occupants were report to ns authorities within a week.

"Strict safety measures"

The basic idea des ​​the regulation ist "to allow all citizens according zu their infectiological threat potential to be able zu participate in social life an all public and private areas of life," that says in the order des the Schwarzwald-Baar ar - punkt least as far as ns epidemiological permit location.

For this, "the non-immunized population, among which ns highly contagious Delta variant ist currently dispersing strongly, would schutz to it is in subject to strict protective measures with for to ns infection process."

With ns general decrees zum the 3 districts, access, zum example, kommen sie restaurants, hotels - with the exception of business travelers - and retail outlets zu sein only allowed from Monday zu vaccinated und convalescent people.

Shops und markets the provide fundamental services room excluded from this accessibility restriction.

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These encompass grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and post offices, thoreau services and banks and companies that carry out body-friendly services.