Claus Schenk Graf Von Stauffenberg

On 20 July 1944, a 36-year-old German military officer, Col claus Schenk Graf by Stauffenberg, arrived at a heavily guarded complex hidden in a forest bei East Prussia. His aufgabe was to kill Adolf Hitler.

The Wolfsschanze, or Wolf's Lair, was Hitler's secret headquarters on the Eastern Front. Stauffenberg was attending the täglich briefing bolzen the Fuhrer und Germany's high command - but bei his briefcase, he lugged a bomb.

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"We were stand around and Hitler came in, and then the conference began," recalled German military officer Gen Walter Warlimont bei a bbq interview in 1967.

"Suddenly die door opened up again, and I happened zu turn around, and I experienced that a colonel come in... That made a an extremely deep impression top top me, due to the fact that his ideal eye was covered by a schwarze farbe patch und one arm was amputated, und he was standing there fairly erect, and he seemed zu me to be die picture von a classic soldier."

"Hitler rotate around und looked at him without any kind of benevolence and Keitel introduced him."

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Stauffenberg was in aristocratic, Catholic, career military officer. "Everyone says my father was extremely good looking - dark hair, blue eyes, slightly wavy hair, tall. He was a very cheerful man, he used zu laugh a lot und we assumed he was absolutely wonderful," states his son, Berthold meter Graf über Stauffenberg, who's now 80 year old.

In 1943, Stauffenberg was badly injured while serving in Tunisia - he'd lost bei eye, his ideal hand, and two finger from his left hand.

"You recognize wounds were deshalb commonplace at ns time und having lost an arm, having actually lost in eye, was quite normal. It was really a relief that he was alive," states Berthold.

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Though notfall overtly political, Stauffenberg was a conservative and a nationalist. Weist times, he had supported nazi- policies, but as the zu sein progressed, his opposition to the regime grew - he was horrified über German atrocities in the east und the realisation that Germany was losing die war.

"He was disenchanted with Hitler's strategic capabilities and that really Hitler was a various type des person native what we thought acceptable," states Berthold.

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"I was a boy von 10, very interested in what was going on in the world. I was just about kommen sie become a wenig Nazi, prefer all of us. But we never disputed that with my dad or my mother. If he had questioned politics with us that couldn't oase shown his echt feelings because it would have been too dangerous. Kids give jene away."

As he recovered native his injuries, Stauffenberg was approached von a group of conspirators led by Gen Henning von Tresckow, that wanted zu kill Hitler and overthrow the nazi regime. Stauffenberg became a top member des the plot.

In die months that adhered to there were number of abortive attempts to kill Hitler und there was a growing fear that die Gestapo was closing in on ns conspirators.

But an 1944, Stauffenberg became chief of staff for the commander des the German instead of Army. The post gave er access zu Hitler and an opportunity to carry out the assassination.

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