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There"s something virtually fairytale-like about ns romantic relationships von supermodels. Media und fans alike are fascinated von the liebe stories (and breakups) of the world"s many beautiful frauen — cindy Crawford and Richard Gere"s spontaneous vegas wedding, heidi Klum und Seal"s picture-perfect marriage, and of course, david Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer"s well known engagement.

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The case von Copperfield and Schiffer was especially curious. Many fans felt the match was unlikely, v naysayers joking that the six-year relationship was one von Copperfield"s greatest magic tricks. Die two became an item after that selected schiffer from ns audience to assist him with in illusion weist one of his shows in 1993, und the couple was engaged the following year, according to die Independent.

Despite publicly announcing the they would at some point marry, according zu ABC News, they dubbed off your engagement in 1999 amid rumors that ns entire relationship may oase been in illusion after ~ all, von the Orlando Sentinel. So, what ist the reality about david Copperfield und Claudia Schiffer"s relationship? 

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In 1997, when the couple still seemed an extremely much an love, a French tagebuch called "Paris Match" released a report claiming that the relationship bolzen David Copperfield und Claudia schiffer was nothing an ext than a unternehmen arrangement, according to ns Independent.

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"David seemed kommen sie pick claudia out von the audience weist random, however it was bei fact the zuerst step an a devious und incredibly detailed plan," the zeitschrift wrote (via die Independent). "Claudia was paid pounds 12,500 zu be there und her first-class tickets to Berlin, hotel suite, mercedes limo und bodyguard were all paid for von David"s PR company." Copperfield filed a $30 million lawsuit against die magazine. Die lawsuit proclaimed that "Mr. Copperfield and Ms. Absender met on die job, fell in love and plan zu marry. Castle are notfall pretending anything kommen sie anyone," via The Buffalo News.

In 1999, just before the couple officially separated, they to be awarded in undisclosed amount by a French court, that ruled that the "Paris Match" report was "false und defamatory," according zu People. However it was a hole victory zum Schiffer, who told Canoe, a Canadian news website, in 2000, "I was open and honest around my partnership with David and look whereby it got us. All ns lies that came out were so stressful. It was deswegen unfair."

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What ultimately ended the relationship bolzen David Copperfield and Claudia schiffer wasn"t the pressure created über the ongoing rumors, however. Instead, ns magician told People in 2001 that their schedule were dafür busy the they weren"t even able kommen sie set a wedding date. "We gott busier and busier. It"s hard when you schutz two people who are very driven," Copperfield said.

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While the nachrichten shocked fans, Copperfield downplayed die breakup, telling the Tampa only Times in 2005, "It"s choose every relationship. We both had actually careers and dreams the took us apart a lot. Und like a million other couples, we"re ausblüten really good friends. She"s a very, an extremely nice person; i care about produziert very, an extremely much, and we"re just doing our own things." absender echoed this, telling Canoe in 2000, "It was our arbeit schedules the ended die relationship. It"s really difficult wie man you"re both deshalb much into your careers because sie don"t want zu say no kommen sie any opportunity." However, she told civilization that Copperfield stays "one of my finest friends ... He was my first love, deswegen he wollen always be really special zu me."

Since then, they oase both relocated on and started glücklich families: liefern with film director Matthew Vaughn und Copperfield through French model chloe Gosselin. Copperfield and Gosselin got engaged in 2014, per Hello!; it appears he might be partial to lang engagements.