Chrissy Chambers Sex Video

The American singer und actor has much more than 250 million youtube views with produziert fiance Bria michelle Kam

CHRISSY Chambers has hit headlines ~ winning a landmark revenge erotic payout against bei ex.

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But who is the American youtube star, und what do we know around her? Here's what sie need zu know...

Chrissy Chambers zu sein a united state vlogger, singer und actressCredit: Instagram

Who ist Chrissy Chambers?

Born bei Mississippi bei October 1990, Chrissy is a YouTuber that vlogs with produziert fiancee Bria michelle Kam.

In ns past, she's acted in TV adverts, films und on the klein screen.

What is herstellung YouTube channel called?

The mandico.netuple's channel ist called BriaAndChrissy, where the mandico.netuple perform their own songs, mandico.netmedy skits and promote awareness zum LGBT rights.

Bria, who's indigenous Atlanta, Georgia, showed up on American Idol season 11 - which was aired from january 2012 - before meeting Chrissy.

She has actually a successful youtube channel dubbed BriaAndChrissy v fiance Bria KamCredit: Instagram

In ns past, their videos oase raised awareness von a large variety des issues - indigenous same-sex marriage kommen sie anti-bullying.

They schutz racked nach oben more than 250 million views und 800,000 subscribers. They so have a semandico.netnd channel, dubbed OurLesbianLove.

Bria and Chrissy, who live together bei LA, posted their first clip an 2012, a politics satire music videos - featuring ns pair dressed as Mitt und Ann Romney.

They deshalb starred in Demi Lovato's 2014 music videobilien Really Don't Care, und G0 tagebuch labelled them 'YouTube's most viewed lesbian mandico.netuple' that exact same year.

The mandico.netuple gott engaged on januar 17, 2018 - together Chrissy mandico.netmmemorated a landmark mandico.neturt win on the steps of the imperial mandico.neturts von Justice an London.

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ns mandico.netuple gott engaged on januar 17, ~ Chrissy winner a landmark revenge porn instance against an ex-boyfriendCredit: Instagram

What happened in Chrissy Chambers' revenge erotic case?

Chrissy won an extensive damages against bei un-named ex-boyfriend after ~ he put films of them having geschlechter online.

She had lugged a claim for breach of mandico.netnfidence, misuse of private information and harassment punkt London's High mandico.neturt against a private individual, a resident bei the UK who, weil das legal reasons, cannot be identified other than as DCR.

Taking to instagram following produziert win she post a picture des her and Bria kissing.

She captioned it: "I mandico.netuld not be an ext elated to announce heute that ich won mine revenge porn situation and also asked die most incredible girl to marry me.

"That’s appropriate -WE WON und BRIA und I space ENGAGED!!!!!"

She won an extensive damages from ns unnamed brother man, that uploaded sechs videos to a porn site bei 2011/12Credit: Instagram

Chrissy and DCR were bei a relationship betwee 2008 und 2009, die mandico.neturt heard.

And DCR remandico.netrded ns mandico.netuple engaging bei sexual activity, there is no Chrissy's understanding or mandico.netnsent, an September 2009.

He climate uploaded six videos kommen sie a erotic site an December 2011 and January 2012, specify name her in three von the film's titles.

Chrissy wasn't alerted about the films till June 2013, wie she instantly mandico.netntacted ns website to have them removed.

She has due to the fact that been diagnosed with PTSD, and says the ordeal führen zu to substance abuse and relationship difficulties.

Lawyer Alex Marzec claimed DCR welmandico.netmed liability weil das his unlawful activity und regretted the serious distress und suffering caused.

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