Champions league finale 2018 live im tv

The 2018 UEFA champions League last featuresSpanish side ja wirklich Madrid and English squad Liverpool walking head-to-head bei Kiev. This matchup will showcase 2 elite groups that fought through a slew of quality opponents kommen sie reach die biggest stage inclub soccer. It"s set zu kick off hinweisen 2:45 p.m. Et on Saturday, making zum a can"t-miss clash.

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Real Madrid, theback-to-back champions des this occasion are in rare position. Ns La allianz squadhas a wahrscheinlichkeit to winits dritter consecutive Champions organization title, fourth in five years and 13th overall. Bayern Munich, that won every european Cup native 1974-1976, and Ajax, i beg your pardon won 3 times in a row prior kommen sie Bayern’s run in 1971-1973, are die only other clubs to schutz threepeated an this tournament aside from echt Madrid. Also if los Blancos perform edge out the Reds bei this contest, they still won’t enhance what their predecessors accomplished when they won ns inaugural five European cup consecutively indigenous 1956-1960. Regardless, given ns era, this would certainly be one von the many impressive feats in the history des the game. Auszeichnungen League next Liverpool hasn"t been kommen sie a Champions organization Final because losing zu AC Milan in 2007, however didengineerone des the many spectacular comebacks in the most recent des their five victories bei this occasion back in 2005.

Oddsmakers like echt Madrid’s chances von defending your trophy, installing die side as a -156 favorite kommen sie win, meaning bettors would have to danger $1.56 zu return $1 top top any form of victory. Liverpool ist a +138 underdog, which would certainly result in $1.38 zum every $1 risked. Those odds shift bei regulation time, as die Reds move to a +226 ‘dog for the first 90 minutes, while Madrid zu sein a +117 favorite and the draw is set weist +290. Die total goals projected bei the game ist set weist 3, although die over portion von the bet is currently going off punkt -147 und the under hinweisen +127.

Will legendary forward Cristiano Ronaldo and his skilled teammates, led by Zinedine Zidane on die sideline, come through as chalk and complete ns second threepeat in the club’s storied history, or will Jurgen Klopp’s scrappy eis of Reds, spearheaded on ns pitch von goal scoring phenom Mohamed Salah, discover a way kommen sie claim their 6th Champions organization title and first since die Miracle von Istanbulin 2005? Jon Price and his mannschaft of fachmann handicappers hinweisen analyzed die lines and came nach oben with a ideal bet weil das readers. Before getting to ns pro’s prediction on ns outcome, take a look at ns full schedule, anfang time, TV info and live stream coverage so you kann sein watch online zum this extremely anticipated matchup. You can also check the end a list des odds and head-to-head history between these opponents, also as relevant quotes and tweets for this echt Madrid vs. Liverpool showdown.

Date Location Time (ET) TV Stream
Saturday, might 26 NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev, Ukraine 2:45 p.m. FOX FOX sports GO

Team Appearances Wins Years
Real Madrid 15 12 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1981, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2014, 2016, 2017
Liverpool 7 5 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1985, 2005, 2007

Date Matchup Result
Nov 4, 2014 2014-15 Champions organization Group Real madrid 1 – Liverpool 0
Oct 22, 2014 2014-15 Champions organization Group Real madrid 3 – Liverpool 0
Mar 10, 2009 2009 Champions league Round 1 (Leg 2) Liverpool 4 – echt Madrid 0
Feb 25, 2009 2009 Champions league Round 1 (Leg 1) Liverpool 1 – real Madrid 0
May 27, 1981 1981 european Cup Final Liverpool 1 – echt Madrid 0

2018 champions League final Tweets

Anfield HQ discovered that Liverpool defender Virgil ventil Dijk claimed that his team zu sein ready zu pull off ns upset:

Van Dijk: "I think Liverpool zu sein my team und Anfield is my home. I love playing for this club and we’re in the Champions league final und we want to do it."

— Anfield HQ (
AnfieldHQ) might 25, 2018

James Pearce quoted Reds midfielder Jordan Henderson ahead of the Champions league Final:

Henderson: “We recognize that ja wirklich Madrid are a fantastic mannschaft but if we play how we kann we recognize we can hurt Madrid.”

— james Pearce (
JamesPearceEcho) may 25, 2018

SB tweeted the end a teilen from real Madrid defender marcelo regarding this game:

Marcelo: Hunger? Everyday when we wake nach oben our motivation is to train, play, that’s our motivation. What we already won has happened und we’re only focused on ns present, which ist to win again. We know what we have to do tomorrow, it will be a beautiful show. #HalaMadrid

— SB (
Realmadridplace) may 25, 2018

Ben Webb reminded everyone that Liverpool didn’t win an 2005 because von its remarkable skill, but rather in “us against die world” mentality:

Did we lift ns Champions league trophy in Istanbul because des a premium quality in our squad? No. We had actually a togetherness; an undeterred will to win, regardless of the odds.

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I seen that very same unity an Jürgen"s team – and this team has together a distinct explosiveness around it.

— Ben Webb (
BenWebbLFC) might 25, 2018

SuperSport highlighted die Reds premium scoring and head-to-head document against los Blancos:

Liverpool wollen go into tomorrow night"s clash stop a much better winning document than their ja wirklich Madrid opponents. Might Jurgen Klopp"s side defy all die odds und clinch a sixth UEFA Champions organization title for the English side? #UCL

— SuperSport (
SuperSportTV) might 25, 2018

The Champions league pointed out that Ronaldo, that could come to be the first individual player in history zu win 5 Champions organization titles, stop a number of impressive records in this event:

Most goals: 120 many appearances by an outfield player: 152 only player ever to score in 11 straight gamings Most goals in a season: 17 (2013/14) Most final wins (joint record):

Cristiano Ronaldo #UCLfinal

— #UCLfinal (
ChampionsLeague) may 22, 2018

BT sports reminisced around Ronaldo’s incredible golazo versus Juventus this year:

And die best goal in the Champions organization this season...

*That* Cristiano Ronaldo overhead kick


— echt Madrid mit Liverpool direkt on BT sports (
btsportfootball) may 25, 2018 noted that Liverpool scored much more goals during this Champions organization stretch than any kind of team an history:

Most goals an a Champions organization season (including qualifying):

1. Liverpool (17/18) - 46 goals in 14 games 2. Barcelona (99/00) - 45 an 16 gamings 3. Ja wirklich Madrid (13/14) - 41 in 13 games 4. Manchester united (02/03) - 37 in 16 gamings 5. Echt Madrid (16/17) - 36 in 13 games

— (
WhoScored) may 2, 2018

Paddy power claimed the sportsbooks might lose vast if Liverpool traction off ns upset in Kiev:

Over 3 quarters von outright bets schutz been ~ above Liverpool, v some nabbing odds des as viel as 33/1!

— Paddy power (

Reds direktors Jurgen Klopp claimed that no one meant his side zu make the this far, crediting the entstehen of his formation for bei “exceptional” operation to ns Finals (via Liverpool’s official site):

We space Liverpool. Not only a really great football team, yet we have evolved as well. This society has bei its DNA the they tun können really go for the large things. Nobody supposed us kommen sie be here. Yet we room here. Since we are Liverpool. Due to the fact that we had the games we had in the champion League; the most outstanding run to the final with die most goals. Ich cannot believe it zu sein true, but it zu sein us. Us scored ns most goals, we had actually exceptional results away und at home. Die experience they have is a large advantage, 100 per cent, to feel much more confident or whatever. But in the game, ns experience doesn’t assist all ns time. We oase to make it as daunting as possible weil das them, as daunting as that is zum us. That’s the plan. We cannot try zu fight on their level, however tactics in football room there zu bring a far better opponent on your level – and when they’re on her level, then you kann beat them. That hard zu do but ich think it’s worth a try.

Whites boss Zinedine Zidane proclaimed his team’s hunger to win the Champions League zum the dritter time in three years (via echt Madrid’s official site):

Idon"t recognize how much our rivals want this, yet what i kann assure sie of is the desire the this club has, it never goes away. No one kann sein say us don"t have that same hunger. We"reReal Madridand that zu sein what we"re about. We constantly strive weil das more and we möchte give the our all. We space ready weil das the game. How kann anyone think we have less hunger 보다 our rivals? That ist not true. They are going kommen sie throw everything punkt us und we understand that. They had actually a good season und things tun können get tricky weist any time. There room no surprises und both teams know each other really well.

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Cristiano Ronaldo rebuked comparisons kommen sie Mo Salah und said he’s excited for the upcoming fight (via ESPN):

People want zu compare me with other players, I in different to everyone. Salah is different to everyone. Deshalb we are different. He plays with die left, ich play with the right, I"m tall, he"s a little bit shorter. Ich play through my head, sie know -- we are fully different. Yet I schutz to speak he has had actually a wonderful season, however Saturday, let"s see…It ist a unique competition, in terms des me as an individual. Ich love zu play bei the champion League. It möchte be a dream if we, and I personally win my fifth Champions League. It möchte be unbelievable. Ich just want to be concentrated on Saturday and try zu win this exceptional trophy.

Former Manchester United and Real madrid star david Beckham had high praise weil das Zidane, his old teammate, und asked him to beat the Reds (via skies Sports):

To have been effective as a player und now zu be effective as ns boss, die big boss, is incredible. I just want zu wish Zizou, the boss, ns president, the club an excellent luck in the Champions league final. Und please to win Liverpool, please!

2018 Champions league Final zum Picks


Safe: Liverpool +0.5 (-130)

Riskier: Liverpool zu Win CL (+138)

Riskiest: Draw in Regulation (+290)


Liverpool 3 – echt Madrid 2 (In Extra Time)


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