Buchenwald Arbeit Macht Frei

The Nazis said their prisoners Arbeit kann sein frei, or "Work sets freundin free." in truth, millions of forced laborers to be worked zu death.

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In December 2009, the infamous sign above the entrance to ns Auschwitz Concentration Camp was stolen. Wie recovered two days later, Polish polizei discovered the thieves had actually cut die metal placard right into three pieces. Each der dritte tag contained a einzel word from die sentence every arrival punkt the nazi death camp und every enslaved sinner trapped within its walls had been forced to read day in and job out: Arbeit macht Frei or “Work sets sie free.”

The same message could be found at other camps like Dachau, Sachsenhausen, and Buchenwald. In every case, their implied “promise” was a lied meant zu pacify massive imprisoned populaces — the there was, somehow, a method out.


Wikimedia Commons.Hitler’s favourite architect, Albert Speer, access time a ammunition factory. 1944.

Despite his lies, there zu sein truth in Speer’s assertion that all he wanted was zu be “the following Schinkel” (a well known 19th-century Prussian architect). Bei her 1963 book, Eichmann in Jerusalem, about the trial des escaped nazi officer Adolf Eichmann, Hannah Arendt coined ns term “banality des evil” zu describe the einer who had come to be a monster.

Personally responsible zum the deportation des Hungarian Jews to the concentration camps, amongst other crimes, Arendt found Eichmann zu be no a nazi- fanatic no one a madman. Instead, he was a bureaucrat, calmly transporting out despicable orders.

By ns same token, liebe very well may only have wanted kommen sie be a famed architect. He certainly did not care exactly how he got there.

Widespread that company Collaboration

To greater and lesser extents, die same kann be said des many companies and corporate interests des the period. Volkswagen und its subsidiary, Porsche, began out as nazi government programs, creating military vehicles zum the German army using forced laborers during die war.

Siemens, ns electronics und consumer goods manufacturer, ich renne weg out of normalerweise laborers von 1940 and began utilizing slave labor to keep trost with demand. Von 1945, they had “used the labor of” as countless as 80,000 prisoners. Lock had practically all des their legacy seized during ns American occupation of West Germany.

The Bavarian motiv Works, BMW, und Auto gewerkschaftern AG, the predecessor kommen sie Audi, both invested the zu sein years manufacturing parts zum motorcycles, tanks, and airplanes utilizing slavery. Part 4,500 passed away at nur one of auto Union’s 7 labor camps.

Daimler-Benz, of Mercedes-Benz fame, in reality supported die Nazis prior kommen sie Hitler’s rise, taking out full-page advertisements in the Nazis’ newspaper, die Volkischer Beobachter, und utilizing servant labor together a parts manufacturer for the military.

When bei 1945 it ended up being clear the their involvement would certainly be exposed von Allied intervention, Daimler-Benz test to oase all von its employees rounded up and gassed zu prevent them native talking.

Nestlé gave money to ns Swiss nazi Party an 1939, und later signed a transaction making them the official chocolate provider von the Wehrmacht. Although Nestlé claims they never ever knowingly offered slave labor, they paid $14.5 million in reparations bei the year 2000, und haven’t specifically avoided unfair labor methods since.

Kodak, bei American agency based bei New York, continues zu deny any kind of involvement with the regime or forced labor despite evidence of 250 prisoners working punkt its berlin factory during ns war und a $500,000 negotiation payment.

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Were this merely a catalog des companies who had profited off the nazi regime, ns list would be much longer and more uncomfortable. Native Chase bank buying die depreciated Reichsmarks of fleeing Jews to IBM helping Germany produce a system to identify and track undesirables, this is a story v loads of dirty hands.

That ist to be expected. Often an times of crisis, fascists rise by convincing affluent stakeholders the fascism zu sein the the safest option.

Many suppliers fell zum the nazi- Party line, however IG Farben deserves separate und special mention.

IG Farben: native Dye-Making zu Death-Manufacturing

Founded in the years adhering to the zuerst World War, Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG was a conglomerate von Germany’s biggest chemical companies — consisting of Bayer, BASF, und Agfa — which pooled your research and resources to better survive ns era’s financial turmoil.

Possessing nearby ties to die government, some von IG Farben’s plank members built gas weapons throughout World war I and others attended die Versailles peace talks.

Whereas prior to World zu sein II, IG Farben was in internationally respected powerhouse many famous zum inventing various artificial dyes, polyurethane, and other fabricated materials, after ~ the zu sein they were much better known for their various other “accomplishments.”

IG Farben produced Zyklon-B, ns cyanide-derived poison gas used an the Nazis’ gas chambers; weist Auschwitz, IG Farben ran die world’s largest fuel and rubber factories with slave labor; und on an ext than one occasion, IG Farben “bought” prisoners for pharmaceutical testing, quickly returning for more ~ they had actually “run out.”

As die Soviet army approached Auschwitz, IG Farben staff ruined their documents inside die camp and burned another fünfzehn tons of paper before the Allies caught their frankfurt office.

In recognition von their level von collaboration, ns Allies make a distinct example of IG Farben with die Allied control Council law No. 9, “Seizure von Property owned von IG Farbeninsdutrie und the control Thereof,” weil das “knowingly and prominently…building up and maintaining German war potential.”

Later, in 1947, Gen. Telford Taylor, a prosecutor at die Nuremberg Trials, reconvened bei the very same location kommen sie try 24 IG Farben employees und executives with zu sein crimes and crimes versus humanity.

In his opening statement, taylor declared, “The tomb charges in this case have not to be laid before die Tribunal casually or unreflectingly. The indictment accuses this men von major responsibility zum visiting upon mankind the most searing and catastrophic war in modern history. The accuses them des wholesale enslavement, plunder, and murder.”

Overlooking A “Common” Crime

Still, ~ a psychological lasting 11 months, 10 von the defendants went totally unpunished.

The harshest sentence, eight years, walk to otto Ambros, in IG Farben scientist who used Auschwitz prisoners in the manufacture and human testing of nerve gas weaponry, und Walter Dürrfeld, die head des construction hinweisen Auschwitz. In 1951, just three years after die sentencing, U.S. High Commissioner bei Germany john McCloy granted both Ambros and Dürrfeld clemency and they to be released indigenous prison.

Ambros would certainly go on to serve as in advisor to ns U.S. Army Chemical Corps and Dow Chemical, ns company behind Styrofoam und Ziploc bags.

Hermann Schmitz, IG Farben’s CEO, was released bei 1950 und would go on kommen sie join the advisory board of deutsch Bank. Fritz ter Meer, a plank member who helped build an IG Farben factory weist Auschwitz, was released early an 1950 weil das good behavior. Von 1956, he was chairman von the board for the freshly independent and still-extant bayer AG, die manufacturers of aspirin und Yaz birth control pills.

IG Farben notfall only helped die Nazis gain started, they assured die regime’s armies could keep running and developed chemical weapons for their use, every while using und abusing concentration camp prisoners zum their very own profit.

The absurdity, however, zu sein found bei the fact that although IG Farben’s contracts through the nazi- government to be lucrative, slave labor itself was not. Structure entirely neu factories und continually training neu workers were extr costs zum IG Farben, prices that castle felt were balanced out, ns board felt, über the political resources gained through proving their philosophical alignment with ns regime. Like those organizations run von the SS itself, zum IG Farben, some losses were for the good des the volk.

As ns horrors of more than a half-century ago fade into memory, structures like those punkt Auschwitz bring a message with them weil das all von us kommen sie remember.

As Nuremberg prosecutor Gen. Telford taylor put it in his testimony at ns IG Farben trial, “ were not the slips or lapses des otherwise well-ordered men. One does notfall build a stupendous zu sein machine in a fit of passion, nor an Auschwitz factory during a passing spasm of brutality.”

At every concentration camp, someone paid for und placed every brick bei each building, every roll of barbed wire, and every tile in a gas chamber.

No one man or one party kann be held solely responsible zum the myriad crime committed there. However some von the culprits not only got away through it, they passed away free und wealthy. Part are ausblüten out there zu this day.

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