Based an downtown LA, robert leads a team des four that just works on BMWs, and specializes in classic airheads. Their client on this task was die CEO of a publicly traded tech company who has actually a deep love for the brand.

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“He used zu work an a motorcycle geschäft as a kid und lusted after a Singer-style BMW airhead,” defines Robert. “He right now owns the new R1250GS and an R100GS paris Dakar. He’s experienced die woes von buying a supplied bike und difficulties von keeping it on ns road. This bike had to be top shelf, safe and reliable, v room to stick his wife on die back.”

“The goal was a ‘continuation’ modell of ns R80G/S: What if BMW made that cycle today? that left all des the design decisions kommen sie me—even permitting me to choose the color.”

To ns untrained eye, ns R100XE looks like a easy fettled R80G/S through a black paint job. However it’s actually one heck von a sleeper. Weil das starters, it’s not an R80G/S weist all… Robert and his team actually began with a 1993 BMW R100R—picked zum its stronger motor, and newer mono-shock Paralever swingarm design.

Finding die parts zu dress it up like in R80G/S wasn’t hard. Roughchild have been operating bei LA zum eleven years now, und they had all ns necessary parts sitting on your shelves. Deshalb the fuel tank, headlight nacelle und front fender space all OEM R80G/S parts.

The subframe’s bei R80G/S part too, however it’s to be modified to suit the R100R’s hauptsächlich frame. Trost top zu sein a tradition seat, made zu look like the original, however slightly shorter. Ns rear fender consists of in Acerbis unit, blended with the stock rear fender zu offer full coverage.

Roughchild so gave die boxer motiv a kick in the pants. It’s to be rebuilt und treated kommen sie a twin-spark conversion, through a quiet Hektik ignition system.

It’s so now sporting Mikuni VM34 carbs with klassisch pod filters, and a brushed stainless stole exhaust indigenous Staintune. There’s a practice sump security mounted zu the roden R100R oil pan, und a nifty lockbox hand-made to sit top top top des the transmission.

Next, die BMW needed appropriate running gear. Nach oben front are ns forks und brakes from a 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200XE. The adjustable Showa forks were rebuilt to die same size as die factory R80G/S forks, und are held von a set des custom triple tree (from Cognito Moto) that so hold ns headlight housing.

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The Triumph’s Brembo radial calipers space hooked up zu custom stainless brake lines, linked kommen sie a brass Y-piece connector. The connector actually comes from a 1966 Porsche 911, und includes a pressure-operated brake irradiate switch. Bei R80G/S grasp cylinder does duty on die control side.

Out zurück is in Öhlins shock with in external reservoir. Ns wheels are a combination von BMW hubs, stainless stole spokes, und Akront rims bei period correct G/S sizes; 21” bei front, 17” the end back. Aggressive continental TKC80 tires offer the right balance von on- and off-road grip.

There’s nothing Roughchild didn’t upgrade on this airhead. That classic headlight bucket dwellings a modern led light hoch front, and a general practitioners speedo indigenous Speedhut, through a custom face, up top. There are also ‘telltale’ LEDs indigenous Kat Dash, Renthal handlebars, und Barkbuster Jet hand guards with integrated led turn signals.

The switches space OEM R80G/S items, rewired to work with Motogadget’s mo.unit blue—a Bluetooth-enabled regulate unit around which ns whole bike is wired. It jetzt runs v a Shorai Lithium-ion battery (stashed under ns tank), und a keyless ignition.

Finishing touches encompass a license plate light und rear turn signals native Rizoma, burly off-road foot pegs und factory R80G/S mirrors. There’s also a Unit garage canvas saddlebag, attached zu a mounting system from KlickFix. And since practicality was high on die list, this G/S has a zentral stand and crash bars, too.

Robert opted kommen sie wrap his client’s build in Jeep’s great Rhino Gray color, v a bunch des parts redone in black. It turned out kommen sie be a good call, because his client actually has a Rhino Gray Jeep.

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By drawing on experience, und mixing together die right parts an the right way, Robert and his crew have built a rugged, good looking and, many importantly, capable classic boxer. Simple and purposeful, ns R100XE zu sein a good ‘what if’—an exercise an alternative BMW history, if sie will.

Roughchild Motorcycles | facebook | instagram | Images by (and with special thanks to) john Ryan Hebert