Bilder für powerpoint präsentation

Finding license complimentary photos on die internet tun können be difficult. Many an excellent pictures are not free or not usable weil das commercial objectives – looking zum good ones that space free kommen sie use kann sein get exhausting. Therefore, we determined to zeigen you our 5 favourite websites zum free bild that you can use weil das PowerPoint presentations (or weil das anything else).

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1. Unsplash

Unsplash is in amazing resource zum high-quality images, which tun können be used for private or commercial purposes und can also be modified. Images are distributed by photographers every around ns world. Even though crediting isn’t required, it zu sein very much appreciated and a way weil das the artist to gain much more prominence.


2. Pexels

The Pexels-License zu sein simple – you can edit photos as you like and use them zum all purposes. Crediting zu sein not required. We adore this resource zum its substantial variety of categories und professionally shoot images.


3. Freerange

Freerange bild are distributed über their “in-house”-photographers or von the community. Just like the previously pointed out ones, it ist free weil das non-commercial and commercial usage – attribution not necessary. You can find every kinds von content in the photos, und the amount grows every day.



4. An innovative Commons

CC ist a large network that was built kommen sie provide inhalt that is free zu use. They administer public licenses and a feature weil das searching images – wherein you can choose if you want something zum commercial purposes, other that tun können be modified, or both.

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5. Pixabay

Pixabay offers tons des pictures (photographs and so great illustrations!) und even videos. They’re being shared von a community. Zu use Pixabay’s inhalt you do notfall need permission, und it zu sein free zu use for all purposes. Pictures und Videos kann be changed and adapted as freundin would like.



PikWizard hold a large library des free and paid stock images und videos. The are images weil das which sie need to pay weil das are labeled with "Premium". Zum the free bild no attribution is required. What"s kühl is that you kann directly edit the images on die site without die need to download.


With CREATOR, you can quickly upgrade images, logos and colours automatically. You kann save your slides in a main library and changes are automatically updated on every presentations. Kommen sie find her slides as quickly as possible, you can deshalb organise them through tags und folders.

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