Biểu đồ tỷ giá eur/usd

As we can see price is near strong support zones here & also the tư vấn of the range zone is still valid and the price is near range zone support so we can expect a rise for the price here lượt thích green arrows on the chart.Strong supports ahead for the price mentioned on the chart và only if 1.1200 that is last local support here break price can fall...

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There is probably no more famous figure than the HEAD & SHOULDERS.Head & shoulders - gives a very profitable signal about the market reversal.Thanks to lớn this figure, you will be able to open a position at the beginning of a new trend. What does it look like? The appearance of the Head và shoulders figure consists of five stages: 1. Uptrend;2. Left...

On the 1 hr charts EU has formed a double bottom pattern which is a bullish pattern that took this morning.

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Yesterday, we saw an impulse move on EURUSD which we expect could continue khổng lồ 1,1240 and 1,1190.There's also an entry opportunity with a SL above the most recent high.You can look for reversal candles around 1,1330 và use that as your entry signal as it will give you a better ratio. There's also a few other instruments with potential entry opportunities!

This is the third update that I am making on EURUSD.Since the beginning of December, EURUSD is moving within a trading range between 1.1235 - 1.1360.The price tried to break higher but it found resistance close to lớn 1.1385 which corresponds with the highest peak of the range.After the price pulled back again close to a minor structure at 1.1281 we can see a...

EURUSD- Elliott wave – update - subminuette (iv)motive wave down micro should follow - submicro (4) running maybe in a triangleinvalidation 1.1313

Happy New Year to everybody.Here is my roadmap for financial year 2022. It is simplified version but generally it says everything about what to lớn do. Plan: Everything starts from the plan. It is very hard to lớn navigate financial markets without it. As markets move constantly it's very easy to get lostor become controlled by emotions (fear and greed for...

The price is in the accumulative flat. Strong resistance does not allow the price to lớn go up, the price falls và goes under the local support level. I'm waiting for the fall. My target is màn chơi 1.1217Traders, if you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I will be glad