Barack Obama Victory Speech 2012 Analysis

CHICAGO ( - the crowd was smaller 보다 it was four year ago, und the venue was indoors, yet President Barack Obama’s victory splitterpartei early top top Wednesday shared a template with his 2008 election night: hope.

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U.S. Chairman Barack Obama acknowledges pendant while punkt his choice night victory rally bei Chicago, november 7, 2012. Scott-Andrews
Despite a rough economic situation that dulled the glow of being America’s first schwarze farbe president, Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney bei a hard-fought race weil das the White House und celebrated with confetti, hugs und a promise zu represent everyone in the nation.

“Tonight, regardless of all die hardship we’ve been through, in spite of all ns frustrations of Washington, I’ve never ever been much more hopeful about our future,” Obama said.

“I have never been more hopeful about America. Und I questioning you zu sustain that hope,” he told ns cheering crowd an Chicago, his hometown.

Obama won ns presidency an 2008 on die themes von “hope” and “change.” but except for the final weeks des the campaign, that shunned those an essential words throughout his 2012 re-election effort an the face des Republican strikes on his economic stewardship and other issues.

With his durable victory, those assaults - hinweisen least indigenous Romney - are jetzt over. The president struck a conciliatory chord towards his opponent an his remarks.

“We may have battled fiercely, yet it’s only because we love this nation deeply und we care so strongly about its future,” the said. “In ns weeks ahead, I so look forward zu sitting down v Governor Romney to talk around where we kann sein work together zu move this country forward.”

In 2008, Obama spoke to a crowd von some 240,000 people at Chicago’s provide Park, noting his historic victory end Republican john McCain. This year, he made decision a convention center, McCormick Place, v seating room weil das 18,000.

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The venue’s volume was not the only adjust from 4 years ago. Obama’s daughters are taller, his hair zu sein grayer, und the historical aspect of his election was less pronounced 보다 it was in 2008. Ns crowd, however, was every bit as enthusiastic as four years ago.

“This solidifies something that started bei 2008,” said karen Lehman, 59. “I feel so fantastic I kann hardly explain it. This zu sein a victory zum all von these civilization here the President Obama was able to mobilize. They thought that he was moving an the ideal direction. I in thrilled.”

People hugged each other, waved small American flags, danced, and pumped their firsts in the air. Prior zu his victory, at any time a zustand was projected right into Obama’s column, pendant erupted in cheers.

Before his remarks, Obama was joined ~ above stage über his wife, Michelle, und their 2 girls, Malia und Sasha. After castle departed, the paused to aufführen to Stevie Wonder’s lied “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, i’m Yours” before starting kommen sie speak.

When he did, he praised his evil president, his project staff, and his family.

“For now, one dog’s more than likely enough,” the said kommen sie his girls, kommen sie whom that famously promised to get a dog if he won an 2008.

People an the crowd wiped tears from their eyes as Obama spoke. Wie man he was finished, the Obama and Biden family members came onto the stage und confetti fell down on die crowd. Die families waved und eventually to walk off the stage.

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As his wife und daughters to walk behind a blue curtain, Obama came rückseitig to ns front des the stage, looked around, waved to the crowd again and mouthed, “Thank you.”

All estimates delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. Lakers here weil das a finish list of exchanges und delays.