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MA-Shop Münzhandelsgesellschaft mbH: Question zum item alle Welt, lot Banknoten div. Jahrgänge, Lot von 5 Banknoten aus aller Welt: 20 Jh., 5 Stk., VF
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Oman, Rial 1416 A.H./1995Oman, 100 Baisa 1416 A.H./1995Italien, 1000 Lire 1969Italien, 500 Lire 1974Polen, 2 Zlote 1941

Dear Customer, indigenous Nov. 8th-12th 2021 our fall auction möchte take place. During these days you are invite to hagen as usually, we nur need some an ext time zu ship everything and to prepare ns invoices.

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Order Confirmation

To start with, you möchte receive bei automatically generated order confirmation von However, that an extremely e-mail is not a confirmation des our purchase agreement or of our sales confirmation. You will receive an extr e-mail containing die confirmation of your purchase. Indigenous this very postwahlwirren you wollen receive info regarding the availability von the goods, die invoice amount too as die terms of payment. Please make certain to notfall pay die invoice amount before you oase received an explicit confirmation von our acquisition agreement. Certificate If asked for we prepare and set nach oben a MA-certificate von authenticity or a certificate von authenticity von Emporium Numismatics zum the items you oase purchased. Please do sure to indicate this request wie man placing her order.

Subject to prior sale

Our goods are subject kommen sie change, error und prior sale. In case of in erroneous twin listing we provide according to ns sequence von incoming orders.

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Shipping Costs

The shipping costs depend on die value of goods. Furthermore, they rely on the country die goods room supposed kommen sie be transport to. For a complete and up-to-date list von our shipping prices please lakers our terms und conditions.

Payment von Credit card

Please notice zum payment via credit card: If you choose this method von payment, you re welcome convey your credit card number, die validity date as well as die three-digit defense code (via mail or über fax).

Cancellation Policy

The Distance marketing Act applies. You will find a verknüpfung to ns cancellation policy below on this website below the terms and conditions. Please make sure zu absolutely pay fist to ns exceptions von the right of withdrawal über any means!

There is no right des withdrawal zum bullion/investor gelb coins. Die purchase is legally binding. Bei case of joke purchases we reserve die right to enforce indemnity claims!


In case des joke to buy (of bullion gold coins weil das example), nonpayment without explanation or response kommen sie any reminder e-mails in automatic ban zum this shop is the consequence. Furthermore, a warning message is sent kommen sie which normally leads kommen sie a basic ban zum the tür as well as zu a warning blog post conveyed to die connected und associated coin commerce organizations.

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Please do sure to use ns communication channels provided von bei order to prevent consequences von that kind outlined above.