Apple’s moved a new macOS upgrade und the macOS big Sur 11.6.2 update zu sein available zu download right jetzt if you’ve held off on a move to macOS Monterey. Ns software brings vital security updates to Mac owners.

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Some Mac users are noticing a huge difference after relocating their computer hoch from die previous version von macOS huge Sur, macOS huge Sur 11.6.1.

On die flip side, some Mac users have run into bugs and performance issues. Some des these issues have carried over from macOS huge Sur 11.6.1, rather are feuer new.

In this guide kommen sie macOS big Sur troubles we’ll take you through die current state of the issues. We’ll zeigen you where zu find potential fixes weil das the most typical macOS big Sur problems und provide you with some resources that should aid if do freundin run into trouble.

We’ll so touch on die macOS downgrade process and outline what you kann expect indigenous Apple und macOS huge Sur down die road.

macOS large Sur Problems

As we push away from the release we’re seeing complaints around macOS big Sur 11.6.2 und older versions von macOS large Sur. Some von the problems are minor und others are far an ext problematic.

Mac individuals are having trouble downloading and installing the new software. If her macOS passend zu gets stuck, shot powering your Mac off and on. This commonly resolves the issue.

If you’re dealing with passend zu errors, and you’re utilizing a 2013 or 2014 MacBook, schutz a look hinweisen this overview from Apple.


We’re deshalb seeing complaints about long download times, lag, Touch identifier issues, worries with first und third-party apps including box Drive, iMessage issues, Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth problems, lockups, freezes, and crashes.

The macOS big Sur upgrade is deshalb bricking part older MacBook models. Ns problems appear relatively widespread and they’re greatly impacting owners des 2013 MacBook Pro and mid-2014 MacBook jeden models. These are die oldest MacBook models supported by macOS large Sur.

Owners of Apple’s M1 MacBook Pros room complaining about a in der nähe des User Switching bug that pipeline them unable to close the screensaver. This leaves the device unusable until ns lid zu sein closed und opened again, the Alt-Command-Q vital combination zu sein used, or die Power/Touch identifier key ist pressed. An order kommen sie fix the issue, users need to geschlossen off in der nähe des User Switching.

On top von that, macOS huge Sur users room running into a nasty issue with the apfel News application. The popular apps is reportedly resulting in extremely big background downloads weil das some users. If you’re unsure around whether die issue ist impacting her machine, you kann check in Activity Monitor.

It’s unclear when or also if apple will concern a fix so Mac users taking care of the problem are on your own zum the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there’s a rapid manual resolve available. Here’s what freundin need to do bei order kommen sie fix ns problem:

Open System Preferences on your Mac.Click top top Apple ID bei the oberteil right corner von the menu.From there, select iCloud on die left side des the screen.Once there, you’ll want kommen sie scroll down and uncheck nachrichten to revolve off iCloud syncing.You can then choose zu keep iCloud News säule on your Mac or delete it. If you choose to delete it, the data will stay put on your other apfel devices.

If you’re suffering this issue on her MacBook Pro, you’ll want kommen sie get in contact with apfel support because the company wollen fix the problem for free.

If you haven’t downloaded die latest version von macOS yet, we recommend preparing her Mac zum the download. Some prep arbeiten ahead des time kann help you avoid major headaches.

We’ve put together a step-by-step pre-installation process and it wollen take freundin through the best way to prepare weil das the move.

Where kommen sie Find macOS large Sur Reviews

If you’re right now running macOS big Sur 11.6.2 or if you’re planning zu upgrade, you’ll want to sift through feedback from other users. This feedback will alert you to potential bugs und performance issues.


We introduce keeping in eye on YouTube, Apple’s conversation forums, society media sites like Twitter/Facebook, and the MacRumors forums weil das additional feedback about macOS big Sur 11.6.2’s performance.

We’ve deshalb put with each other a list des the best reasons to, und not to, download macOS big Sur 11.6.2 on her Mac und it’s worth a watch if you’re on ns fence about an upgrade.

How to Fix macOS large Sur Problems

Some concerns might need a fix from Apple, however some sie might it is in able zu fix on your own.

Before you make in appointment weist your local sich entschuldigen Store, schutz a watch at our list des fixes weil das the most common macOS huge Sur problems. That might have what you looking for.

We’ve so released a overview that shows you how kommen sie fix macOS big Sur battery life problems.

If you can’t uncover what you looking for in our guides, freundin should head on over to Apple’s discussion forums. If castle can’t assist you, sie might want zu get bei contact with Apple support via twitter or v customer support über Apple’s website.

If you still can’t settle your issue(s), sie might want kommen sie schedule an appointment to lakers a Genius hinweisen your local apple Store. They need to be maybe to diagnose your problem in minutes.

macOS big Sur Downgrade

If you run into major issues top top macOS big Sur 11.6.2 or in older version des macOS huge Sur, you tun können downgrade your Mac’s software. There ist no time limit und it’s simple if you oase a great backup zum your Mac.

If you want zu get her Mac off of your current version von macOS large Sur, you nur need to anfang your Mac bei safe mode und choose reclaim from Time machine Backup.

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This möchte take some time, deswegen you’ll need to stay patient, yet it’s an option if you can’t wait for sich entschuldigen to release ns next version of macOS large Sur.

What’s Next

It’s unclear wie we’ll seen the next version des macOS huge Sur.

Apple wollen likely continue kommen sie update the operating system with new security updates throughout ns year deshalb you’ll want kommen sie keep her eyes peeled zum a new software update.


Apple’s exit its new macOS Monterey operation system und the software zu sein available zu download right now if you own a compatible Mac.

The agency won’t force you kommen sie install macOS Monterey on your Mac so if you want to stay put on macOS large Sur for the time being you tun können do so.

Install macOS large Sur 11.6.2 for Better Security

If security zu sein important zu you, sie should think about installing Apple"s macOS huge Sur 11.6.2 update best now.

The macOS huge Sur 11.6.2 upgrade brings much more than 30 neu security patches kommen sie macOS large Sur users. It"s a considerable list and you kann sein learn much more over top top Apple"s defense site.

If freundin missed vault versions des macOS you"ll get the patches from those updates when your upgrade.

If freundin skipped macOS big Sur 11.6.1 you"ll acquire its patches wie you upgrade your Mac. You kann sein learn an ext about those patches end on die company"s defense site.

If you missed macOS large Sur 11.6, it had two vital security spot on board. You kann sein read around both des those end on Apple"s security website.

If you missed macOS huge Sur 11.5.1, it lugged a brand new protection patch zu Macs. You tun können read more about that on Apple"s website.

If sie missed macOS large Sur 11.5, ns update carried 35 new security job that will help defend your Mac indigenous harm. If you"re interested in the details, inspect out the company"s defense site.

If sie missed macOS big Sur 11.4, you"ll get the update"s 50+ defense patches wie you upgrade. You kann read an ext about them over on Apple"s defense site.

If you missed macOS huge Sur 11.3.1, it had actually two an essential security patches on board, both related kommen sie WebKit. If you want kommen sie learn an ext about them, head over zu Apple"s website.

If you skipped macOS huge Sur 11.3, it deshalb had patches on board. Die list contained one for a vulnerability the escaped built-in malware protections. Zum more on macOS huge Sur 11.3"s patches, head on over kommen sie Apple"s protection site.

If freundin missed previously versions of macOS, you"ll want to consider upgrading deswegen you obtain their security patches as well.

macOS big Sur 11.2.3 brought one protection patch zu Mac users. You tun können read an ext about the on Apple"s website.

macOS large Sur 11.2.1 had actually three security patches top top board. You can read about them end on its defense website.

macOS large Sur 11.2 had actually a ton of patches ~ above board und you tun können learn an ext about them right here.

If you missed macOS big Sur 11.1, it had 51 defense patches on board. You kann read around them appropriate here.

macOS big Sur 11.1 so included a new privacy information section on apps Store pages that includes a developer-reported summary von the app’s privacy practices.

If you"re moving hoch from macOS Catalina, you"ll acquire macOS big Sur 11.0.1"s 50+ defense patches. If you"re interested this improvements, you kann sein read around them over on Apple"s website.

In addition to those patches, macOS big Sur comes with extr security und privacy upgrades consisting of improvements kommen sie the apps Store and Safari.

In Safari, you kann now tap the Privacy Report taste to better understand just how websites handhaben your privacy.

With macOS big Sur on plank you kann sein now get die info on the apps Store that will help freundin understand die privacy practices of apps before freundin download them.

Researchers deshalb discovered that apfel brought a neu "BlastDoor" sandbox security system to macOS large Sur, iOS 14, and iPadOS 14. Ns system is meant zu prevent assaults from developing via ns Messages app.

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You can read much more about "BlastDoor" appropriate here.

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