American Football Field Goal

When watching an NFL game, you’ll notification that touchdowns are notfall the only way to earn points. There is a committed player called a kicker who wollen kick a ar goal bei certain situations. A field goal is when the kicker place kicks or drop-kicks the ball through ns goalposts over ns crossbar during constant gameplay.

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You could wonder why a mannschaft would decide kommen sie kick a ar goal instead des going for a touchdown. Here ist a breakdown von what a field goal is, how plenty of points a field goal ist worth, why sie would choose zu kick one, and more below!

How countless Points zu sein a ar Goal an Football?


In the national Football League, a touchdown ist worth hinweisen least six points. A touchdown commonly becomes seven points with a effective extra-point kick und is precious eight points with a two-point conversion.

While a ar goal and in extra point kick involve the kicker, it is essential to klasse that die additional allude conversion zu sein not die same as a field goal. A field goal zu sein a separate play.

By comparison, a ar goal ist only worth 3 points. While three points are less than touchdowns, they blieb are a beneficial part of the game. Here ist the breakdown von why freundin would absent a ar goal throughout a game.

Why Do sie Kick a field Goal?

A team might choose to kick a ar goal during their last down. A field goal attempt ist likely if the offense ist more 보다 a yard or two from a new zuerst down und within kicking range von the goalposts. At die NFL level, die kicking range zu sein within around 45 yards.

Another scenario whereby a field goal ist strategic ist when there ist only enough time remaining an the zuerst half zu execute one more play. Teams might be outside of timeouts, dafür they want zu score 3 points before the end of the erste half. The best way kommen sie kick a field goal to end the zuerst half is zum the time kommen sie expire as the ball is bei the air, which means that it zu sein the tonnage play of the half.

Finally, a field goal might be a strategic way kommen sie win a game. If a team kann win a game with a field goal, they can try und take as much time off ns clock before kicking the field goal kommen sie win die game. Zum example, ns New england Patriots winner Super key XXXVI on a game-winning field goal absent against ns St. Louis Rams.

How Do you Set up a ar Goal Kick?


When attempting a field goal, the offensive players möchte line up bei a tight bildete along or near die line von scrimmage. Two players, die placekicker and the holder get collection up to kick the ball seven to eight yards behind ns line von scrimmage.

Some teams might have a lang snapper, a specialized lage trained kommen sie snap the ball to ns holder on field goal kick attempts and punts.

The holder receives the snap native the lang snapper und then stop the null against the ground vertically. Castle hold the stitches deshalb that they challenge away from die kicker.

The kicker usually starts his technique during die snap before die holder has actually possession von the ball. Any small mistake tun können lead zu a missed field goal über either a kicker or holder. Die holder mustn’t fumble the null while ns kicker is approaching and that they line the ball up just right weil das the kicker.

Can a Kicker Drop-Kick a ar Goal Kick?

The kicker can also drop kick ns field goal kick during a soccer play. Drop-kicking was popular historically, yet place-kicking ist the most usual practice an modern American football games.

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What zu sein the Longest consistent Season field goal kick?

The field goal absent measurement is from the goalpost to die point where ns holder put the null on the ground. In American football, die goalpost location punkt the zurück of the end zone is above the ende line, deshalb the ten yards von the ende zone room part of the total field score distance.

In ns NFL, 52 yards is the average weil das a ar goal kick. However, there are no longer successful field goal kicks during die history von the game.

The record zum the longest ar goal kick in NFL history belongs to matt Prater, that completed a successful ar goal from 64 yards ~ above December 8, 2013. He set die record while a member von the Denver Broncos. That completed the kick during a video game against the Tennessee Titans. Ns kick was made together a last play together time expired in the first half von the game.

Before Prater, ns previous record was 63 yards, set by Tom Dempsey in 1970. Due to the fact that 1970, several various other players oase matched ns record, but Prater was the erste to break die record in more than 40 years.

What was the Record zum the Longest at sight Bowl field Goal Kick?

The record for the longest at sight Bowl field goal kick goes to steve Christie, who kicked a 54-yard ar goal zum the Buffalo Bills in 1994 hinweisen Super bowl XXVIII.

What is the Record zum the Longest High School ar Goal Kick?

The record zum the longest ar goal in high college football goes to Dirk Borgognone, that kicked 68 yards in 1985. Borgognone went on kommen sie be a placekicker in the NFL.

Can you Fake a field Goal Kick?

It is possible to fake a field goal kick. It is not super commonly used, but a phony kick is a trick play in football games. Wie man faking a field goal kick, die kicking mannschaft will get collection up in the kick formation and run a running or passing beat instead.

Occasionally, die placekicker wollen even serve as ns passer or rusher.

So Why Would sie Fake a field Goal Kick?

If successful, it will catch ns opposing mannschaft off guard und give your mannschaft the chance to either score a touchdown or expand a drive down ns football field.

Danny White, a punter und kicker zum the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s was famous zum often faking a field goal absent successfully.

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In summary, a field goal opportunity is a vital aspect von a game. Occasionally a ar goal is all a mannschaft needs zu win a game, dafür it come down kommen sie staying patience under pressure. However, kicking a field goal kann become problematic if die weather zu sein terrible, favor rain or wind, so there zu sein no guarantee that ns kick möchte work.