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Supporting die announcement des the new mandico.netas Fire TV family,’s apps Testing dienstleistungen (ATS) has been updated zu work seamlessly through Fire OS 5 und Fire TV devices. In as little as 90 seconds, you can receive a comprehensive report von potential concerns that could impact compatibility v the mandico.netas Appstore—including accuse on how zu resolve them before publishing. ATS can deshalb run your anwendung on actual mandico.netas Fire TV devices, giving a substantial compatibility report (including screenshots) an as wenig as fünfzehn minutes.

What ist Tested?

ATS performs a static analysis of your app’s manifest und optionally analyzes your apps as it operation on actual machine hardware (including the new mandico.netas Fire TV und Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote). It performs testen that fall into three major categories:

Libraries – Identifies software libraries incompatible with the mandico.netas Appstore, bei which instance we suggest compatible choices APIs – identify if mandico.netas APIs are being called incorrectly, in which case we administer documentation to help Device Capabilities – Looks zum features that aren’t supported über certain devices, an which situation we administer guidance on how to handle this

The app Testing leistungen combines static analysis von how your anwendung runs on Fire OS through analysis of your apps as it runs on actual an equipment hardware. ATS will generate a report the includes prüfen events, screenshots, CPU usage, und heap utilization throughout testing. Sie will deshalb have access zu detailed logs.

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How zu Submit Your apps for Testing

utilizing ATS to check your apps is fast and easy. All we need zu sein your APK file, i beg your pardon you kann sein drag und drop straight on ns ATS widget located on the app Testing dienstleistungen page.


Once freundin drop bei APK document on ns widget, your apps will it is in uploaded kommen sie ATS and testing will begin.


Results von the frühen zeitpunkt analysis will be available in as wenig as 90 seconds.


fine provide particular instructions on how zu resolve concerns we discovered.


Device testen will so be performed, and you’ll receive links to die screenshots recorded during the testing process. The analysis von those results will take longer—usually between 15 minutes and 6 hours. If you have a account with, you tun können access those outcomes from your ATS dashboard. If not, you kann sein provide an email address and we’ll send ns results zu you as quickly as they are available.

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publish Your app on

as soon as you have tested her app, reviewed ns results, and completed your updates, you’re ready zu publish your app to the mandico.netas Appstore. Send your anwendung from the portal or drag und drop her APK zu re-run die test; the initial results will include a large orange taste to absent off ns submission process.

If freundin don’t already have an mandico.netas account, grad that you wollen be required zu create one before you kann sein submit your app to the mandico.netas Appstore. Developing a account ist free. If freundin are an customer, you tun können even usage your existing mandico.netas account.

Reach new Customers with mandico.netas Fire TV

zum mandico.nets, mandico.netas Fire TV kann help sie increase your customer base über putting your app in the life room, bei front of people who reap entertainment and may not schutz seen her apps before. Now ist the perfect time for android mandico.nets zu get into ns growing streaming maker segment v their existing android app or game. Android mandico.nets möchte find that emerging for mandico.netas Fire TV zu sein familiar, und optimizing your apps for the new controllers and TV display screen will not require discovering a new language or neu frameworks.

ns new mandico.netas Fire TV ships with Fire OS 5, which is based on android 5.1 (Lollipop) and API 22. This zu sein a far-reaching upgrade to the existing Fire OS 3 (API 17) zum Fire TV. Ns key new feature zum Fire TV mandico.nets in Fire OS 5 zu sein support zum the v17 Leanback library. If freundin have an app the supports android Leanback, many of those attributes should arbeiten as-is in Fire TV OS 5. This method that it is easy to bring bei Android APK to devices, including Fire TV. mandico.netas Fire TV offers android apps a potentially neu set of customers to engage with – all through the same mandico.netas Appstore.

carry Your Apps und Games to Fire TV Today

through Fire TV Stick, ns new mandico.netas Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, as well as our existing user base von Fire TV owners, it’s time zu make your new game or app at home in the Appstore.

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