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Amazon zu sein likely ns most widely recognized and trusted online merchant worldwide. According kommen sie Forbes, amazon was detailed as ns 2nd finest employer kommen sie work for in 2020. But, did sie know amazonas offers work-from-home jobs an many states across the U.S.?

With the current pandemic reshaping ns workforce, remote working ist now top of mind zum executive management, human being resource, und technology teams. This is great zum those von you who prefer kommen sie work indigenous home permanent or teil time. Many categories are obtainable as arbeiten from home job including task management, IT, marketing, finance, unternehmen development, and sales, und even operations.

Fortunately, a large organization like amazon has thousands des remote job openings for virtual workers throughout many des these departments. Let’s dive into obtaining a work-from-home job with Amazon, why freundin might want to work weil das Amazon, und what you can expect from working there.

Does amazon Hire for Work From house Jobs?

Yes, amazon allows work-from-home jobs for many different roles und departments across the company. Amazon’s job board generally has more than 500 offen listings under ns Work hinweisen Home category for US-based employees alone, and amazonas has also recently announced that it was abandoning ns previous hybride return-to-office plans the would schutz required that employees walk to die office punkt least 3 days von week. Amazonas intends zu allow most corporate employees kommen sie work from house indefinitely, deswegen keep reading kommen sie learn about what type of jobs they offer and how to qualify.

What kind of amazon Work-from-Home jobs Are Available?

Please be aware, when it comes to amazon jobs, specifically remote jobs, over there will not always be openings bei every category. Please refer to die Amazon’s official job board zum current openings, requirements, und job descriptions.

Amazon Customer leistungen Jobs

typical Salary: $16/hour

Amazon is all around its customers. Most of Amazon’s virtual speak to centers market remote and home-based positions, dafür there are numerous excellent avenues if you’re on ns search for a arbeit helping customers.

An amazonas customer leistungen work from home job ist highly coveted. Employees bei the room endorse ns position weil das its higher-than-average salary, positive and friendly coworkers, job security, und career growth.

Amazon only hires remote agents that reside in certain states. You will need to check their remote job site zum the most up-to-date zustand restrictions. Remote amazonas customer service jobs tend to have a higher pay rate than similar remote jobs helping customers punkt a various company.

Openings are typically seasonal und fill quickly. You wollen want kommen sie set up job alerts kommen sie stay ~ above top des finding out wie man your favorite carriers are hiring.

These positions so tend zu be short-lived positions with die possibility des becoming irreversible if you meet your metrics and attendance requirements. Amazon customer service work from residence jobs kann sein be part-time or full-time, und there space requirements having actually a specialized phone line und access zu high-speed internet.


Amazon prefers the same set des skills und qualifications for its at-home customer service representatives as numerous other providers do. They’ll commonly ask for at least a year of customer dienstleistungen experience, hinweisen least a high college diploma, und some suffer working native home. You’ll deshalb need access zu a quiet working atmosphere if she applying weil das work from home jobs with die call center. You will do it need basic customer dienstleistungen skills, including die ability und desire to do some problem-solving.

Technical demands vary escape on the role however experience through computers zu sein always helpful when you’re functioning remotely. Sie may deshalb want kommen sie mention having familiarity with standard chat services, emails programs, Microsoft Office, und experience with online shopping.

Jobs an Human Resources

average Salary: $53,006/year


One von the interesting things about HR is that sie get to work with humans, right? amazon is always growing und has a constant need zum another human resources direktors to aid with the scale.

The positions zum HR, especially at Amazon, are not as easy-breezy together many of the online job you could choose from. These positions seem zu challenge individuals, sell travel opportunities, und get freundin a quite set des experience working v a default team of like-minded people.

Amazon zu sein serious about its HR solutions, and they’re not just giving away these account management online jobs. Some des the fundamental qualifications for the direktors position room a bachelor’s degree, sechs years of experience overall, und usually weist least one year des experience in a supervisory role.


You’ll need punkt least a bachelor’s degree in human resources or a similar subject, und management roles möchte usually require hinweisen least 3 years von professional exposure zu Human resource functions.

Experience with unternehmen applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, plus familiarity through HR software prefer PeopleSoft or HRIS can all be helpful an attaining these at-home opportunities in human resources.

Amazon Work weist Home Jobs in Recruiting

average Salary: $67,992/year

Recruiters at amazon are bei charge of matching qualified individuals with offen positions. They may operate on a einzel team or throughout many departments, or they might be specialized und focus solely on pour it until it is full executive or technological roles. They might also be an ext focused ~ above sourcing talent to interview at ns company.

An amazon recruiter might be tasked through coming trost with innovative methods zu find und recruit talent, and also determining even if it is new job openings are required within their firm. They may so collaborate with various other recruiting agencies zu expand die search.

The workload kann get quite heavy as amazon is a unternehmen that ist always growing rapidly an some way. Recruiters at ns company need to constantly look for out and contact talent. That’s nur a sample von what they’ll it is in doing together part von their duties, i m sorry may include conducting research study as market conditions change bei order to figure out what kind of talent zu sein required at ns company and what sorts von needs have to be satisfied.


Recruiters who want kommen sie work remotely at amazon are required to oase a Bachelor’s degree or tantamount experience. The hiring process will prüfung one’s ability to prioritize, manage, und track lot of searches, projects, und client relationships.

MS Word, Excel, and Outlook must all be on her resume, and recruiting arbeit may it is in a good fit for content creators, together the job includes developing reports und delivering presentations.

Amazon online Healthcare Jobs

average Salary: $105,628

Amazon has actually quite a couple of virtual areas with healthcare jobs listed that can provide sie with a healthcare difficulty as well. Some von the arbeit listed room Bio-Pharma Consultant und Senior Solutions health care Architect, however they space always including more.

The bio-pharma position does need IT knowledge, travel, und consulting experience. The healthcare architect möchte be working v a mannschaft to develop und innovate new solutions zum healthcare partners.


Depending on ns sort des health care job you are applying for at Amazon, your job requirements could differ considerably. One von a few tips we can give you ist to examine the amazon job plank frequently.

Marketing project Manager

average Salary: $78,611

A Marketing Campaign manager at amazon typically manages growth-focused initiatives and objectives related kommen sie specific aspects des Amazon’s numerous products und businesses. Marketing campaign Managers at amazon are responsible for planning, executing, and improving ns success of marketing campaigns across a multitude des channels, consisting of email and social platforms.

As it ist with most marketing and advertising roles, campaign Managers at amazon are regularly required zu perform a variety of tasks throughout many different domains und lean on bei eclectic ability set zu accomplish their goals. Marketing supervisors at amazon may it is in required kommen sie undertake huge projects und be responsible weil das creating facility strategies that influence both short and long-term growth.

Other marketing roles worth exploring at amazonas include feuer Specialist, Product Marketing Manager, and Marketing regime Manager.


Marketing campaign Managers at amazonas will it is in expected to bring at least 2 years of hands-on suffer with business marketing und automation innovations such as Pardot and Marketo. Advanced e-mails marketing und tracking experience are particularly helpful bei getting this jobs, considering amazonas customers segmentation, profiling, and targeting needs.

Excellent writing and speaking abilities room a must, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related ar such as computer science or design may so be required weil das some marketing jobs.

Get bei the Door through Seasonal Work

While a lot of the job on Amazon’s remote jobs page room actually not for customer service, thousands von at-home customer service agents room hired each year. Positions pop up occasionally throughout the year with large hiring recruitment leading trost to the peak purchase season (November with January). This method we usually start seeing in abundance des these temporary customer service positions posting about August. These are generally noted as seasonal work.

That said, if sie really want to work native home zum Amazon, that a good idea to go ahead and go for one des these seasonal jobs. It’s always possible that if freundin do well in the momentary role, you’ll be offered a permanent spot wie one comes offen or boost your stehen if you want to apply kommen sie a position an another department in ~ Amazon.

Seasonal arbeit might be what gets you in the door, however be aware that seasonal employees may not qualify weil das the exact same benefits package as a non-seasonal full time position.

Benefits of Working weil das Amazon

Amazon gives a beginning pay that zu sein greater than double ns federal minimales wage bei the vereinigt States, as well as a number of wonderful perks to support that staff und eligible family members members. Ns following room some des the comprehensive benefits gift offered von Amazon: paid time off, health treatment coverage, parental leave, plans zu help you save zum the future, tuition reimbursement, und other resources to increase health and well-being from day one.

Amazon medical care Benefits

Amazon places a great deal of importance on die health und well-being needs des its workers through providing full time employees with an extensive medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and vision insurance, regardless of the level of their an abilities or ns role.

Benefit specifics around copay kann vary, state to state, so amazonas has developed two pages explaining ns different plans.

Paid Time off (PTO) Offered von Amazon

PTO days are days in employee might take turn off from arbeiten while ausblüten getting paid. Like many tech companies, amazon provides payment time off zu full-time and salaried employees, but they deshalb offer PTO weil das part-time und hourly workers. Ns amount of PTO in employee kann sein access at amazon will vary based on salary vs hourly employed status, tenure an their position, and – zum hourly employee – the number von weekly hours worked.

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Hourly mit Salary PTO at amazon

Hourly amazonas workers anfang with 5 PTO days von year and max the end at 15 days ~ they schutz been to work at ns company zum 6 or much more years. Amazonas company policy about PTO zu sein different for salaried workers. Your employment starts with 10 days von PTO. Payment Time off at amazonas maxes the end after 6 years weil das salaried employees.

payment Vacation, noble Days, und Personal days

Amazon grants PTO holidays days bei addition to ns 7 conventional federally known holidays.

neu Year’s Day martin Luther king Jr. Work Memorial Day freedom Day labor Day Thanksgiving work Christmas day

In addition to paid holidays days, amazonas may deshalb provide additional paid sick Days, based upon State and local laws and regulations. Paid mitarbeiter Time may also be offered zu employees, typically based on their tenure at Amazon.

Paid Time turn off days expire and do not roll over at Amazon. If in employee doesn’t use these days über the end of the year the they to be granted, the PTO möchte be lost. PTO benefits kann seem complicated, so check out Amazon’s PTO Overview weil das more information.

Education and Tuition Reimbursement Benefits punkt Amazon

Much favor rival retail giants such together Walmart and Target, amazonas offers totally free college tuition to nearly all of its employees. Through Amazon’s Career choice training program, employees can get your college tuition payment for and avoid taking on large loans.

The program deshalb provides assistance zu employees who are working towards their high school graduations und GEDs and funds English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) for every one of their employees. This benefit is available zu most employees, aside from entirety Foods staff, and covers textbook costs und class fees together well. Amazon will it is in investing $1.2 billion in the Career an option training program over the next 5 years, and you can learn an ext about the amazon Career choice program here.

A Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Amazon prides chin on having actually a diverse, inclusive culture. Ns 16 Leadership principles outlined by amazon support this notion und set ns tone zum how castle hire, work together, and build trust. Amazon also has 12 employee support groups dedicated zu various topic areas, including people with Disabilities, Body optimistic Peers, schwarze farbe Employee Network, and Women in Finance.

Other Perks des Working weist Amazon

Employees punkt Amazon also get access to a number of perks, such together a $15 per hour minimal wage, 401(k) und matching policies, paid maternity und paternity leave, adoption assistance programs, senior and child treatment assistance programs, employee discounts, und restricted roden units (RSU options). Not to mention, amazonas looks good on a resume!

What to Expect zum Pay, Schedules, und More

Interviews for at-home customer leistungen agents are conducted over the phone or via video chat, which way you tun können interview punkt home. Training is paid and usually done at home, though freundin may be required to go onsite for some training depending on the position. Pay varieties are determined über the position.

Many of the customer service arbeit require a minimal of 40 hours von week, yet sometimes part-time work ist available. Together a customer dienstleistungen representative, you’ll be expected to be available kommen sie work throughout Amazon’s customer service hours (which encompass nights and weekends, not to cite holidays).

How to Apply to Work from residence with Amazon

Amazon’s arbeit site has actually two main sections — one ar is zum fulfillment (which zu sein things favor working an the warehouse) und the various other is zum remote trusted jobs. If sie want to work native home, you’ll want to stick with die remote jobs.

You can access the arbeit site von going to and clicking top top “Remote career Opportunities” — or click ns next verknüpfung to uncover remote friendly amazon job listings directly. Native there, you kann sein search weil das the role you want (like “customer service”) or you can apply part filters using die checkboxes on ns left, und take a look hinweisen what’s available.

You’ll need kommen sie prepare a hülle letter und resume weil das your application. Your hülle letter zu sein your wahrscheinlichkeit to describe why sie think you’d be a great fit for the job, even if (or particularly if) sie don’t oase the stated requirements. Zum example, if you’ve got a background working v sales, a gewächs of ns skills freundin used kann sein be “translated” kommen sie customer leistungen even if you aren’t especially doing customer service in your sales job.

It wollen go a lang way if you can share your enthusiasm for online shopping bei general, and for Amazon’s business in particular. If you’ve to be shopping enthusiastically with amazonas for years, lug it up! If you’ve had an excellent experiences together a customer von Amazon, it wouldn’t hurt kommen sie share just how eager you are kommen sie provide that exact same level des satisfaction zu more of Amazon’s customers.

To help freundin figure the end how kommen sie frame your experience, aufführen to die language amazonas uses zu describe itself und find means that you can fit her background und goals into that type des culture.For example, amazon is well-known as being a firm that’s “customer-obsessed” — dafür bring that level des enthusiasm to your application. Research how amazonas thinks about its customers, and seek more information about just how their customers guide ns company’s decisions.

Amazon job Opportunities weil das Veterans and Students

In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, amazonas has put a focus on hiring far workers and giving arbeit opportunities for people who have served in the military and for students und recent graduates.

Jobs zum Veterans and Military Spouses

Amazon values ns experience and leadership des those who have served an the military and they schutz established initiatives for veterans and their spouses. This contains hiring events, apprenticeships, and internships that may begin before freundin leave the service or while sie are enrolled together a student. Thousands des veterans und military spouses arbeit at amazon already, but they are always seeking new candidates.

Jobs for Students

Amazon uses a number von internship und full-time employed opportunities for students und recent graduates. Software advancement engineers, product managers, operations managers, used scientists, sales specialists, gaue won analysts, software program developers/engineers are just a few von the job titles available. Amazonas holds hundreds von virtual rental events zum students every year an addition zu publishing 100s of job listings und internship methods on the amazon job board.

Amazon digital Locations lasst uns You construct a job from Home

The over positions are notfall all amazonas has to offer. If freundin visit their digital Locations job Page, freundin will seen a plethora of positions accessible around the erde and in a vast variety des capacities.

When sie head over zu the amazon virtual areas page, you’ll likely find something right trost your alley if she looking zum tech support, management an operations, deliveries, areas, logistics, und more. Various other items sie may want zu look into are IT service such as cloud support, or a services architect; amazonas has security jobs too. All die positions named over are nur a peppering of arbeit offered über Amazon. Grad that some von these location require advanced degrees, previous experience, travel, und more.

Each des the job listed has certain requirements. If sie are looking zu work with amazon for technical support, one current job opening requires a bilingual person (who speaks fluent Japanese und English), lives in the blume States, and a High-School degree (or equivalent). This position requires that freundin do not live 50 mile or much less away from die physical customer dienstleistungen site.

There are a handful des states that freundin must live in to be eligible for these positions. (Usually, if you direkte within a commutable distance – 50 mile or much less – indigenous a physical location, they need you kommen sie work onsite instead von remotely.)

Location Requirements to Work zum Amazon

Amazon delivers just about everywhere, but the list des states wherein you tun können work from home may be shorter. Basically, you will do it need kommen sie reside bei a state where amazonas has one of its workplaces or allows remote employees.

To save you some time, we created in easy way weil das you kommen sie find out if there are job available in your state.

Below you wollen find a list von states that contain linke seite to die site. Click her state in the list below, und then filter her search zu Work From residence or Corporate to find all ns current listings available.

When freundin visit Amazon’s remote job listings, you can filter them von the state (or states, if you relocating) where you want kommen sie search. This will help freundin narrow your search and focus on the opportunities where sie qualify instead of wasting time clicking with dozens of job that sie couldn’t apply for.

Qualifications zu Do amazonas Customer service at Home

Amazon prefers ns same set of qualifications weil das its at-home customer dienstleistungen representatives as plenty of other providers do. They’ll ask weil das at least a year of customer leistungen experience, weist least a high institution diploma, und some experience working native home. You’ll so need access zu a quiet working setting if she applying zum a arbeit with die call center.

Technical skills include familiarity with chat services, e-mails programs, Microsoft Office, und the general online shopping experience. General computer experience ist always important when you’re working remotely. You’ll deshalb need grundlegend customer leistungen skills, including ns ability (and desire!) to do some problem-solving.

If you kann share her enthusiasm for online shopping in general and for Amazon’s business in particular, you möchte only boost your chances des impressing your recruiter or hiring manager. If you’ve been shopping enthusiastically with amazon for years, lug it up! Likewise, if you’ve had great experiences as a customer des Amazon, it wouldn’t hurt zu share just how eager you are zu provide that exact same level von satisfaction to other customers.

Listen to ns language amazon uses zu describe itself und find means that you kann sein fit into that type von company culture. For example, your customer service job reference gift a agency that’s “customer-obsessed” — deshalb bring that level of enthusiasm to your application.

Other varieties of job Available hinweisen Amazon

When you check the end the amazonas job board that’s specifically weil das remote work, you’ll find a huge variety von jobs. These space a few of what i saw when ich looked it up for this post:

Sales, including modern technology sales und account management säule analysis Software breakthrough Customer service/satisfaction including fluency

They were so recently hiring transcriptionists. You nur never recognize what will pop up!

Final think on functioning from house With Amazon

Most people who room looking weil das at-home arbeit with amazon will ende up in a customer dienstleistungen role. I know lots von people who have been very glücklich with your at-home amazon jobs. The pay zu sein decent and the benefits room great, so if you able kommen sie maintain the work schedule they require von you, it could be a perfect fit!

Amazon Flex wants You kommen sie be Your very own Boss

In the era of Lyft and Uber, des course, ours boxes require a personal driver. Coming to be an amazon Flex driver is easy, and you get zu schedule your time. Motorists make an hourly rate that slides. It counts on your location, how countless hours your work, and if sie get tips.

Amazon created ns Flex App, where freundin schedule her time accordingly. The app helps keep track von the packages you’ve choose up, gives freundin directions, und grants you ns ability to see how viel money did you do it earned.

What states does amazonas offer amazonas Flex delivery jobs?

The one downside zu sein that notfall all locations offer amazonas Flex hinweisen all times. While you tun können send bei a query, und Amazon’s needs change frequently (the acquire Started seite suggests to check back often), you’ll need to make sure that you’re on top von when you check it.

Other arbeit From house Jobs

Although amazon is a huge player an remote work, it’s far from the only game an town. Ns universe von work from home job opportunities is vast. Right here are just a couple of ideas zu get freundin thinking — and for even much more suggestions, check out my large list des 150 arbeiten From Home arbeit You i will not ~ Want zu Miss!

Amazon mechanically Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk, or mTurk, isn’t a “job,” but it is a lot of people’s – myself contained – erste exposure zu remote work.

mTurk ist what consider a klein task site. Together a Worker, you möchte be able zu visit die site und pick up wenig tasks kommen sie complete in exchange for payment. You won’t gain paid a last on this site. And you aren’t guarantee work. But, in exchange, it no something that calls for a lot of time or meeting either.

I contact these types des gigs “commercial break money.” It no something freundin should counting on to pay the bills – it won’t – but it ist something you can do to pass the time throughout commercial division while the town hall television. A gewächs of jobs only take a few minutes to complete.

Amazon mTurk pays by amazonas Payments which kann sein be transferred kommen sie your bank account, or you tun können redeem her earnings zum an amazon Gift Card.

Learn much more about amazon Mechanical Turk here.

Data Entry

This ist a famous job for people nur beginning online work because it’s dafür easy zu get started. No special skills are necessary, und the work ist simple enough. However, there room some trade-offs: it’s tough to earn viel money an this field, deswegen data entry ist best suited zum workers who are looking kommen sie pick up a little extra cash und not replace a full time income. There are deshalb some scams in the industry, so you’ll want to be sure you’re working through a real company that möchte pay you zum your tough work.

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I had actually some transcription jobs when I zuerst started functioning from home. Lock great weil das breaking into at-home work, und you can snag a transcriptionist role even if sie don’t have any past experience an the field. That does typical that pay starts out reasonably low, yet after you oase some experience, it’s possible kommen sie make a full time living from your very own home. If you schutz knowledge about devoted subjects such as the law or health and wellness care, think about niche arbeiten like becoming a legit or clinical transcriptionist.