Alicia Keys Champions League


Airing in more than 220 countries, ns UEFA Champions organization Final ist the most watched yearly sporting event bei the world.

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“I’m very excited to share my new music at the UEFA Champions league Final, in event that is celebrated bei every corner of the world,” claimed Alicia Keys. “This ist going kommen sie be a an effective moment an history und one the represents ns spirit of all die similarities us share no matte where us live und who we are. I’m honored to be a unique part des such a lovely experience.”

This year “UEFA champions League last Opening ceremony presented von Pepsi” will merge ns worlds von world-class music, entertainment und sports, and also celebrate design and fashion as a nod to die host city, Milan.” Music, entertainment and sports schutz always to be a vital part von the Pepsi DNA. We are the feuer that invented entertainment marketing und continue kommen sie push creative boundaries,” stated Carla Hassan, SVP, Global brand Management, global Beverage Group, PepsiCo.

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“By producing a global stage as part von the UEFA Champions organization Final for the first time, Pepsi will produce an epic, memorable moment that möchte draw bei even wider global fans base to die pitch, elevate die excitement von the 2016 final, und establish a new brauchtums for one des the world’s many beloved sports spectacles.” ns revived opening ceremony marks in expansion von PepsiCo’s existing partnership with the UEFA champion League, pass one of the world’s many passionate musicians kommen sie a massive globalen audience and further heightens die excitement und grandeur des the world’s most watched annual sporting event.

PepsiCo at first joined pressures with ns UEFA champions League in 2015, announcing a cooperation with the prestigious European club football tournament wherein Lay’s, Gatorade und Pepsi max / Pepsi offer as command brands weil das the competition. Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Marketing Director, commented, “With in iconic und storied history in music, Pepsi was the ideal partner kommen sie bring in epic music performance to ns world’s most watched annual sporting event weil das the first time, und UEFA zu sein delighted the Alicia Keys wollen be performing in Milan.

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The UEFA Champions league Final ist the ultimate stage in European football, happen together ns two finest teams on the continent. With such a extremely respected und truly global artist performing ahead von the UEFA Champions organization Final, it heightens also further the appeal des the match and consequently will reach a broader audience demographic, which at some point further strengthens the globalen status of UCL.”

In addition to the “UEFA champions League last Opening ceremony presented über Pepsi” performance, tricks – who recently joined Season 11 of NBC’s hit nur The Voice bei the vereinigt States und will release her 8th album this year – will be featured in a variety des integrated campaign elements leading nach oben to the performance.