Alfa romeo 147 gta

As die saying go ‘you can not be a true petrolhead till you’ve owned bei Alfa’, und if you are looking for one von the Italian marques many mad motorcars, freundin can’t go much wrong with ns 147 GTA. If there space undoubtedly far better performing, much more reliable hot hatches from the GTA’s era, couple of were rather as crazy together the wenig Alfa.

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Depreciation hit this cars quite hard rückseitig when they were new, but heute prices schutz levelled out und these mad Alfa Romeos room starting to become quite the collector’s item. In this buyer’s guide you möchte learn everything freundin need zu know about buying in Alfa 147 GTA together with its history, specifications und more.

How to use this Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Buyer’s Guide

To anfang with we will be covering die history und the specifications des the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, kommen sie give freundin a bit von background die info about ns vehicle. Once we schutz covered that, we möchte dive into ns buyer’s overview section of the article, and we will finish off through some general vehicle purchasing advice.

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Table des Contents

The History des the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Credit: Alfa Romeo

It zu sein no secret that Alfa Romeos oase a reputation zum being a little unreliable und expensive zu maintain. While there zu sein a small element of truth in that, it yes, really comes down to maintenance. A well preserved 147 GTA should carry out plenty von miles des trouble-free motoring, deshalb it is important zu look out zum one that has been cared for properly. Unfortunately, many des these cars have wound up in the hands of people that couldn’t purchased or can not be bothered kommen sie maintain castle properly.

To start your inspection von the engine, relocate to die front von the 147 GTA und lift the bonnet/hood – does it offen smoothly? How zu sein the capture (big one on this cars)? Are die struts an good condition?

The bonnet catch ist a usual failure suggest on this cars. Alfa greased the release system at the factory, which leads to a build-up of dirt und other unwanted material. This eventually prevents die primary catch from engaging properly, leaving only the secondary catch to hold die bonnet down. Unfortunately, this can lead to die bonnet flipping up und smashing into the windscreen und roof (a rarely but an extremely scary problem).

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Alfa Romeo approve a recall zum this issue, which mostly entailed degreasing, cleaning and refitting die existing catch mechanism. Bei some cases, die catch was replaced und later models were fitted through a plastic device instead of a stole one the greatly diminished the chance of this issue developing (however, it did notfall solve the entirely).