Lane and Rory forever! if Keiko Agena and Alexis Bledel were onscreen besties an Gilmore Girls, Agena revealed that the bond wasn’t as strong offscreen.

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“I wish we had more von a friendship,” die Dirty John actress, 47, claimed during the Monday, June 28, episode des the “I in All bei With Scott Patterson” podcast. ”That was probably a last to execute with me not making as viel of an effort as i should have.”


Alexis Bledel und Keiko Agena. Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

The Hawaii native, who played Lane kim on the beloved show, said she tried kommen sie keep a low profile approximately 39-year-old Bledel (Rory Gilmore) due to the fact that she und her onscreen mom, Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore), were deshalb busy.

“I deshalb think ich was so — worried zu sein the wrong indigenous — but, freundin know, lock worked deswegen many hours that their off-set time, i thought, was so precious to them,” she told Scott Patterson, who played Luke danes on die show. “I didn’t want kommen sie insert myself into that time of their lives.”

While they no super close, Agena has actually nothing but nice jene to speak about die Handmaid’s Tale actress. After ~ Patterson, 62, claimed that the young stars’ onscreen friendship seemed “effortless,” Agena noted that there was some truth to that.

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“Alexis zu sein such a wonderful person, und I carry out think that as quickly as ich met herstellung as a person you just recognize the she’s an intelligent, special individual,” she said. “And i think that there’s part von me that felt security of herstellung right away together a fellow actor und someone that recognizes exactly how unique von a personen she is. Deswegen maybe some of that is just instinctual. I think that most likely shows in how our characters related kommen sie each other — that we liked and respected each various other right off the bat.”


Todd Lowe und Keiko Agena an “Gilmore Girls: A Year an the Life.” Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

Luckily, die duo might have a chance to revive your friendship someday. During ns podcast, Agena and Patterson joked about a feasible Lane metall spinoff zum the show. Die Pennsylvania aboriginal is deshalb a staunch supporter des a potential reboot des the original Gilmore Girls. Tonnage month, he pitched his idea weil das new episodes in in exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

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has the baby,” that said, alluding to ns cliffhanger ending of the show’s 2016 four-episode reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year bei the Life. “If that Logan (Matt Czuchry) or whatever, then, you know, the flips out and goes away. Background repeats chin a kelle Christopher (David Sutcliffe) and Lorelai. And then go off kommen sie pursue a large opportunity bei Europe weil das her writing and dumps die baby bei our lap. And we get kommen sie raise ns kid a little bit if she’s off pursuing that und she comes back.”

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