Adrien Brody Der Pianist

Roman Polanski"s Holocaust theater The Pianist zu sein known zum being a harrowing film, notfall only kommen sie watch but also to make.

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The film starred Adrien Brody bei the role von Wladyslaw Szpilman, the real-life concert pianist who spent two years hiding in the ghetto of Warsaw during ns German occupation of Poland an World zu sein II.

Brody"s commitment to playing Szpilman clearly paid off together he became ns youngest person ever zu win die Oscar zum Best Actor in 2002, aged just 29. He also won a César Award.


Despite his high profile, Brody hasn"t starred in many large studio films since. He has actually instead preferred kommen sie concentrate on smaller sized roles and painting. Maybe the main reason zum this is the major amount des effort Brody put bei to preparing weil das the role.

Not just did Polanski do Brody practice ns piano weil das four hrs a day till he could do a spot-on impression des Chopin, Brody decided zu make a lot of angestellter sacrifices.

Brody feeling that the only way to really inhabit a man who lost everything was to strip his very own life down to its absolute basics - deswegen that"s what that did, leaving his girlfriend und giving nach oben pretty much everything else.

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"I gave up my apartment, i sold my car, ich disconnected die phones, and I left," that said, follow to die BBC in 2003. "I took 2 bags und my keyboard und moved kommen sie Europe."

Szpilman had actually been forced to scavenge weil das food in Warsaw"s ruins, so Brody embarked top top a crash diet to lose load fast.

Brody shed 30 pounds zu play Szpilman, eating nur two boiled eggs zum breakfast, a wenig chicken zum lunch, and a small amount of fish or chicken v steamed vegetables weil das dinner over a six-week period. Weist his lightest the weighted nur 130 pounds - dangerously underweight for a man of his 6"5" height.

"There is bei emptiness the comes with really starving that i hadn"t experienced," Brody said. "I couldn"t oase acted the without knowing it. I"ve skilled loss, I"ve skilled sadness an my life, but ich didn"t know die desperation the comes with hunger."

While act all von this, Brody immersed himself bei Szpilman"s memoirs when educating himself on die sheer horrors des the Holocaust.

Filming The Pianist was clearly not just a physical gruelling experience, but so a psychological one, and the darkness didn"t stop also once the film was over. Happy Wednesday.

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"I was depressed for a year ~ The Pianist," that told IndieWire this year. "And i don"t suffer from that, generally. That wasn"t just a depression; it was a mourning.

"I was very disturbed über what i embraced , and of the awareness the it opened up up in me. But how much these jene take from sie changes project to project."

Nowadays, Brody is more enthusiastic around starring in long-form television series, und is right now acting nach oben a storm in roles such as his most recent one together the mafia boss Luca Changretta in the 4th series des Peaky Blinders.

For far better or worse, Brody wollen never get die anonymity des his early career back, und that"s every down zu his massive method acting effort zum The Pianist.



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