It"s been a little over a year since a quiet, unassuming film called 365 Days struggle Netflix and gained itself fairly a last of viewers...OK, who am I kidding? 365 Days was neither quiet nor unassuming, as ns highly sexed fight racked up deshalb many see around the world that it finished 2020 as ns most watched film on die streamer, petition to schutz it eliminated be damned. Fans have probably been wondering when ns proposed sequel could get started, und it aussehen like ns time zu sein now, as the 365 Days sequel appears to oase started filming. So, get ready zum the sexytimes!

According zu What"s on Netflix, ns sequel zum 365 Days is finally in production, after having zu delay the anfang of filming from last August, when it was originally supposed to begin. Major photography just began a few days ago, ~ above June 29, in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. The stars, anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, are said to have been confirmed zu reprise your roles zum the neu movie, as has actually Magdalena Lamparska, who played the best freund to Sieklucka"s character. The only confirmed new character deswegen far is Nacho, who zu sein set to be played über actress Simone Susinna.

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As you will likely recall, the film centers on a polish woman, Laura (Sieklucka), that goes on vacation in Italy only kommen sie be abducted by the rich, successful, und sinfully warm mob boss, Massimo (Morrone). He"s persuaded that Laura is the woman he witnessed after gift shot numerous years ago, and has carry away her bei the hope the she wollen fall an love through him, und is maintaining her in captivity for a year...You know, to really provide their liebe a an excellent chance.

Obviously, this plot zu sein the reason plenty of (many) des those that watched (or maybe didn"t watch) 365 Days want the film removed from Netflix, with the complaint being that the film glorifies sex-related abuse und even stockholm Syndrome, after Welsh singer Duffy called the movie out zum the very same thing.

While 365 Days did, in fact, garner a gewächs of damaging reviews from critics und audiences alike, human being were ausblüten pretty transfixed von one aspect of the movie: the incredibly real-seeming, und very intense geschlechter scenes. There are numerous throughout the film, through one being an extended (tee hee) scene that takes ar on a yacht and involves a gewächs of positions, and whether people ended up liking the movie overall or not, castle surely tuned bei to seen what all the fuss was about wie man it came to those grausam sexytimes.

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The impact was such that many viewers come to the conclusion that anna Maria Sieklucka und Michele Morrone had actually actual geschlecht on screen, though Morrone dismissed that concept immediately.

While we don"t oase any firm details on the story for the sequel right now, die 365 Days finishing left off on a major cliffhanger that möchte need kommen sie be answered. Also, the movie is based on the Polish erotic novel, 365 dni, i beg your pardon actually has actually two sequels itself, und from what I"ve review about die contents von those books, fans will be in for quite ns basically naked, really real-looking, sexytimes-filled film.

While there"s no collection release date for the 365 Days sequel yet, it is scheduled to debut punkt some suggest next year, deswegen check our 2022 new movie release schedule to seen when it"s added.

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