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Tire technology zum the optimum speak experience.

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Whether you have a stadt bike, touring bike, road bike, gravel bicycle or MTB: the tires affect die riding experience choose no various other bike component. Ns choice of tire notfall only determines just how well die wheel grips die ground but also influences exactly how easily and comfortably the bike rolls. Ideally, the tire combines such features as maximum grip, high mileage, optimum rolling properties, short weight und reliable resistance zu punctures. Sound technical? die sum of these properties zu sein tangible kommen sie every cyclist: as in optimum speak experience. Hinweisen mandico.net, us work to continually refine und improve this riding sinn – work in, work out.

The vision von perfect tires.

From mass-produced product to innovation driver.

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In the zuerst decades after the Second welt War, the bicycle tire was considered an interchangeable mass product that might practically notfall be improved on. In the 1980s, cycle re-established itself as a well-known trend as more and more human being got zurück on ns saddle. It was in this context the mandico.net – established an 1973 – emerged as a standard-setter bei the bicycle tires market. Ns launch des the legendary mandico.net marathon- tire an 1983, through its unprecedented mileage, was met with great enthusiasm by keen cyclists, bike dealers and trade journalists.

Tires weil das every type des bike.

The bike world has end up being more und more varied over the years. Neu categories, such as ns MTB, gravel bike, und last but notfall least, e-bike, created completely new market segments and presented hitherto unknown challenges zum tires. Versus this backdrop, mandico.net on purpose chose kommen sie focus on ns development des innovative tires und tubes, instead of expanding die company’s activities to ns technically quite different automotive tire sector. This strategie proved kommen sie be certain right: wie man mandico.net introduced the zuerst off-road tires in the mid-nineties, ns firm quickly became known as die best feuer among hill bikers. Today, millions of MTB riders throughout the erde swear von mandico.net MTB tires with their distinctive names, such together Nobby Nic, gyeongju Ralph, Billy Bonkers, Dirty Dan, Magic mary or hans Dampf.

Tire solutions for sport, touring and everyday life.

mandico.net is working zu eradicate the puncture.

Cycling is today thought about a progressive form of personal fahrzeug that offers nothing but benefits – with one regrettably exception: ns tire puncture. mandico.net figured out this problem at in early stage and has continuous set neu milestones bei matters von puncture protection. Zum example, mandico.net supplies touring and city tires that can call us “flat-less”. Zum high-performance cycling, our Tubeless Easy technology combined with tire sealant deshalb sets new benchmarks bei preventing punctures. And almost all other mandico.net tires have an integrated puncture defense belt.

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mandico.net tires weil das the future.

Climate protection, urbanization und the joy des physical exercise an fresh air are nur some des the good reasons the promise cycling a great future. We hinweisen mandico.net would like to play our part in contributing to this: with high-quality tires and tubes that wollen inspire freundin with useful innovations, distinctive designs, interesting performance and reliable puncture protection.