150 Ps In Kmh

Find out exactly how an effective your automobile is. Our totally free tool lets you quickly switch betwee bhp, PS und kW.

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Most cars measure up power von the horse, but bhp isn't ns only unit manufacturers use zu tell united state how much oomph there is bei the engine.

Pferdestärke, or PS zum short, und Kilowatts (kW) room both lesser offered units zum determining a car's engine energie that mostly show up bei mainland Europe.

Our tool mandico.netnverts betwee the three, deswegen you kann check how an effective a vehicle is bei a pinch.

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How powerful is my car? 

Carmakers sometimes teilen the power outputs von their engines using different units, mandimandico.net.net kann be mandico.netnfusing wie you're trying to mandico.netmpare new cars. 

This handy calculator lasst uns you transform quickly und easily between the three main measurements provided – bhp, kW and PS.

What ist bhp?

Brake horsepower – or bhp – ist the most widely used measure des engine energie alongside PS (see below), return it's often notfall clear mandimandico.net.net unit manufacturers space using in their brochures. 

Unlike ‘horsepower’, i beg your pardon refers to an engine’s total output, brake speech only looks at die amount von energy left as soon as other parts such as die gearbox, alternator and water pump oase all to be powered. It's measure up at ns road wheels, not at die flywheel.

Powerful engines have a greater bhp figure. For example, in entry-level Toyota iQ has a 68bhp engine, if a supercharged Jaguar XF packs 503bhp.

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PS explained

Although it’s blieb mandico.netmmonly used von carmakers, PS or Pferdestärke (horse strength an German) was actually replaced von kW as ns EU's ‘legal’ measurement des engine power in 1992. 

One PS zu sein about 98.6% von a brake speech – ns two room virtually interchangeable, und PS is periodically referred to as 'metric horsepower'.

Measuring power an kilowatts

You may lakers some carmakers quoting die power of their engines in kilowatts – especially on die mandico.netntinent – yet this measurement is used much less typically than PS or bhp. A kilowatt (kW) von power equates to around 1.34bhp.

So what zu sein torque?

Torque ad to ns amount von pulling power in engine delivers when working weist different speeds. Ns more torque bei engine has, die more traction (or acceleration) that offers hinweisen lower revs.

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Torque is nearly always discussed together brake horsepower, as it provides clues zu how quickly the engine will be able zu shift die car’s weight when overtaking or pulling away from traffic lights.

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