1. halbfinale eurovision song contest

After Duncan Laurence’s victory an Tel Aviv in 2019, die 2020 mandico.net lied Contest was due to take place an Rotterdam, the Netherlands, however, the event was cancelled in March 2020 early out to the emerging covid-19 crisis. Virtually immediately prepare began zu ensure the a 2021 dispute would walk ahead.

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Every feasible scenario was explored kommen sie ensure the a 2021 event would take place, and as might crept closer, organiser plan began to crystallise with the Dutch federal government confirming bei April 2021 that ns Contest could proceed with a limited audience.

All 39 participating countries were asked zu provide a pre-recorded ‘Live-on-Tape’ performance that might be offered should in act it is in unable kommen sie make it to die stage at the Rotterdam Ahoy.

In die end, Australia were the only delegation unable zu travel to ns Dutch city, meaning that Montaigne’s ‘Live-on-Tape’ performance of herstellung entry Technicolour was ns only one used.

Unfortunately, in the command up to their participation in the second Semi-Final, a member des Daði Freyr’s gruppe Gagnamagnið experiment positive for COVID-19. This expected that Iceland’s rehearsal footage was used for both their Semi-Final and Grand last appearance. The maßband went on to finish in 4th ar with 378 points.

After months von successful protocols und preparations über the hold broadcasters kommen sie ensure a challenge whatever the globalen situation, die Italians struck gold at the grand Final with alt-rock eis Måneskin. Your self-penned track Zitti e Buoni (English translation: ‘Shut Up und Behave’) won die mandico.net song Contest with 524 points und became a global streaming hit, in addition to their follow-up das lied I Wanna Be her Slave.

183 million viewers

The return des the mandico.net das lied Contest, the world’s biggest live music event, was seen über 183 million viewers across 36 markets, v a huge increase an online engagement.

The grand Final of the mandico.net lied Contest 2021 achieved, on average, a 4 percent point greater TV audience re-publishing than ns previous Contest des 40.5%. An ext than double the average primetime the town hall share zum the same kopieren, gruppe of networks (19.4%).

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The Contest was a enormous hit through young audiences. Ns viewing share of the cool Final among 15–24-year-olds was nach oben 7 percent points ~ above 2019. 52.8% des that age gruppe watching TV punkt that time tuned in, which zu sein 4 times higher than die broadcast networks average (14.5%).

Online, during the week of the mandico.net song Contest, 50.6 million distinct viewers across 234 nations watched on ns official youtube channel, nach oben 28% top top 2019. 18–34-year-olds made up 71% of those that viewed live content.

The exact same week the Contest’s main social media accounts created 14 million engagement actions on articles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok). The new TikTok channel deshalb generated 4.3 million engagement actions.

There were so over 1.5 million readers zum the newly released mandico.net live Blog covering die rehearsals and three live shows.


In December 2020, die mandico.net 2021 logo was revealed as an evolution von the 2020 logo.

The new entwurf was inspired von the world map v Rotterdam as ns beating heart des Europe bei May 2021. “The logo connects Rotterdam with ns capitals von the participating countries und symbolises comes together, regardless des the form,” claimed Sietse Bakker, die Executive Producer des the event.

As with die previous year, the logo und concept was developed by agency ausgezeichnet ° Franke, i m sorry generated the logo using software occurred in-house. The entwurf of die 2020 planke was awarded a European entwurf Award and a Red Dot entwurf Award. Co-founder Gert Franke said they "extended ns style from belastung year to 2021" und retained the "simple, intelligent, minimalist and experimental" facets but then added a "festive touch, kommen sie celebrate ns return of the mandico.net lied Contest."

The show’s slogan, #OpenUp, carrier over from die 2020 Contest.

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The new logo for mandico.net 2021Clever ° Franke


Chantal Janzen, jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley und Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) were our fabulous presenters for the 2021 Contest.